Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Thoughts... for me and for you!

Another week almost over and again my writing has taken a back seat to accommodate life... work... family... & commitments...

Well... the week got off to an organised flying start with my lovely man on holiday so a list was done and his orders were given... bless him he smiled adding 'your the management' my response as always "And don’t you forget it" Oh happy days.

This is the month for thoughts of tricking or treating... or for some individuals who come across as miseries "let's get it over with”....A gentle word to you.... For our children these are special memories. It's something they will remember for a long time.... Despite the fact my girl has flown the nest; I still look forward to those lovely little people dressed scarily... On opening the door its all Oooohs and Ahhhhhs... at the fantastic lengths children and their parents have gone to making it a special couple of hours for all the little ghosts, vampires, witches & monsters to visit and scare the neighbourhood... Letting them pick something out of the scary goody bowl then listening as they run off excitedly comparing each others treasure.... I understand some people don’t like it and we are all quite rightly entitled to our own opinions.
My view... what harm can a few hours after tea do, when it brings squeals of delight from the children as proud parents look on....?

I'm working on a project at the minute where I have needed extra help and support from friends old and new... I would just like to give special mention to them... Their help and support as well as thoughtfulness have amazed and overwhelmed me. This has allowed me to do a really good job for our community... Without them, I really don’t know where I would be. They are 'wonderful Angels here on earth' ... I thank god you are my friends... An enormous warm heartfelt Thanks guys.... I won’t ever forget your contribution or kindness!

Well needless to say another heavy week work wise, lots of running around as well as mountains of paper work to complete, which as we all know can take up sooooooooooo much time....Also had one days complete training package. I really enjoyed this and have found it extremely useful.

I feel I have spent an awful lot of time over the last week or so thinking about the world and its writers. (Nothing new there then) I have already mentioned I quickly learned we all have our own style and quirky ways.... I also realise with gladness there is plenty of room on the planet and in this life, for all sorts of different people and their creative spheres... meaning the diverseness of each individual gives the public, much more scope to pick and choose and enjoy. This thought has given me copious amounts of encouragement to stride forward hopefully knowing eventually someone will like me and ultimately my work...... With this in my mind, I run with head and heart full to the brim... bursting to overflow with all my ideas and their distinct promising possibilities. It's important to me that you know, when I sit down to write I don’t just think about the characters and plots... I think about the people who may read my work and I wonder quite rightly how they will feel.

Note to self: If I can squeeze it in to my tight schedule for Halloween, A ghost story... at the moment nothing would make me happier..... Having recently done some research have found the perfect animated picture to accompany it.

For me a very thoughtful week with lots of positives.... Hope yours has been too!

Will fly back to you soon xxxx Angel ;)xxxx

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