Friday, 26 June 2009

The World is Reeling...

The world certainly appears to be rocking from the sad news that Michael Joseph Jackson is dead. I have always loved MJ's music, admiring him as a musician, feeling he was a genius and a guy with total rhythm who made you want to dance.

I was as sad as anyone else when those awful allegations of child molestation hit the news. Michael was acquitted on all counts, so on a personal note for me, it was proper to gave Michael the benefit of the doubt. I can only see with my eyes and hear with my ears, the guy was not convicted. I have read peoples views and feelings, some of the things I have read have made me feel terribly sad. Some people view what happened as gospel and I realise a lot of folk think "No smoke without fire" but we have to look at the facts just like the jury did back then.... I remember from memory and I understand since from research that Michael lost weight, he became quite ill during the trial. On reflection, I know 100% if I had been accused of something so horrendous... I probably wouldn't have made it... Now sadly Michael has stepped out of this world into the next and whatever the truth... Michael will face his creator and stand his turn when discussing his life and deeds....
Most of us at some time or another have been unhappy with something about ourselves and again my opinion is this... Michael really needed somebody in his life whom he trusted and listened too.... He needed a best friend to reassure and tell him how handsome he was before he started to get carried away with all the sugery.... it was oh so unnecessary... Well unfortunately thats life peeps... thats life (Sigh)

For Michael............
Dont Weep your tears for him because it's over,
Smile brightly because he happened.....
Good Nite God Bless..... X

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Being Realistic ...

Through no fault of my own and being openly realistic, I know I won't ever be a big literate... For me that's somebody who has had many opportunity's with an extensive education, is also well learned and to top it off... well read. If I'm being really honest, then deep down and right now.. Thats not for me!

What I do want however, is to be able to take my audience to a place and time, where they can clearly hear my voice, see my words, understand my characters as well as see.. feel & fear yes fear... for the stories characters, whilst closely following my story lines, visually imagining the different locations.
Most of all though, I want that audience to "Never want the story to finish" In my opinion that would be the ultimate compliment any writer could receive.

Sunday, 21 June 2009


Thin pale hands gripped a dark ancient gravestone, Mia, couldn't see a damn thing in the dark. Inside the cemetery, fog danced around her in thick creamy swirls... this didn't stop her from feeling very frightened. Mia wished with all her heart that she had stayed home snug in her bed, listening to the TV and reading any one of her warm true romances. But No.... instead she had answered her vibrating mobile which was dancing on her bedside table.

Hearing her best friend Jen's squeaky voice followed by a giggling special request for a midnight laugh in the cemetery. Mia nervously followed through with a giggle of her own, saying she would be ready in 10minutes. And now... In what had to be the darkest night of any night, she was here crouching behind a filthy gravestone and feeling a lot like crying. On top of all that when they had arrived earlier, Mia to her distress had somehow mysteriously lost her friends. She hugged herself and wondered where were they. Angrily her thoughts were, she should have listened to her instincts and stayed at home.

From out of nowhere there was an ear-splitting howling scream... it pierced the darkness shattering it like glass. Mia shivering and shaking, closed her eyes... petrified... she knew she had to either move or faint but how? It was dark and foggy. Mia started slowly very slowly moving sideways, tentatively holding onto one gravestone whilst her out-stretched hand found another. The moment she felt damp green slimy moss between her fingers, it made her physically shudder.

The moon as bright as a halogen lamp, unexpectedly jumped out from behind a storm laden cloud, allowing Mia to read the old faded writing on the grave in front of her. The gravestone was dark and cracked with age, almost completely covered in the wet sticky moss she absolutely hated. The gravestone said ......................

Friday, 19 June 2009

The Sea Queen.... A little glimpse into a special story.

It was a very special evening on the night of the proposal. The weather was warm and the heavy scent of vanilla clung to the air.

My father, excited.. clutched the ring in his hand. Words of love and wonder where spinning around in his head. Knowing how much love he possessed, he was so desperate to express his thoughts, his feelings as clearly as he could to the woman he wanted to marry. He hoped the memory would stay with them forever. Arrangements had been made to meet Princess Kira on the castle balcony.
My father was ready and waiting, grasping the 24crt gold rose which held the engagement ring, encased romantically within its flower.
Fidgeting he leaned against the balcony, impatiently waiting for his beloved, going over and over the words, longing to get them right.... He prayed she would say Yes, he wanted her.. he needed to be with her always and forever. It wasn't long before my father heard delicate footsteps. His heart quickened and with each step, he knew she was getting closer. He held his breath as he watched her enter from the open doorway onto the balcony, all the while never taking his eyes of her beautiful smile. He walked quickly towards her... clasping the rose. Taking her in his arms, he kissed her warm cheeks.. catching a faint smell of her delicious perfume.. She blushed as they walked towards the edge of the balcony.. which beautifully overlooked the sea.

My mothers deep blue eyes were wide. She knew something very important was about to happen, it was then my handsome father bent down on his right knee, he held her thin pale hands within his and looked deeply into her eyes showing her all the love in his heart and soul. He softly said "Kira my love, I worship and adore you, I have brought you here to ask you a very important question, I need you to know I love you... I love you with all of my heart.. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, this is why I would like you to do me the honour of becoming my wife" pulling open the golden rose he presented a beautiful, sparkling, engagement ring which had been nestled securily beneath shiny petals. The atmospher was electrifying, his words hanging in the air as if they were being held there by magic.

My mothers eyes damp now from salty tears which were sliding gently down pink cheeks. With her best and brightest smile she bent towards my father, kissed him slowly and said, "Yes my sweet man, yes I will be your devoted wife" They embraced firecely... kissing and hugging as if their very lives depended on it.

Meanwhile whilst this beautiful scene unfolded... from beyond the open balcony doorway, my fathers brother... Prince Jarvis, was leaning heavily against the cold stone wall, angrily biting down hard on his fist, tasting his own lifes blood. Staring hard, his wild heart hammmering after hearing the worst possible news of his life. This man... her fathers brother... Her uncle, was already plotting against her mother in the worst possible way.
Prince Jarvis had a black heart, In that moment he was being consumed by pure evil jealousy.

Demons Mirrors

The mouth of the demon creature parted, its long rough tongue slithered out, slowly licking crusted bleeding lips. A rage induced slime spewed, dribbling over pointed razor sharp teeth, spreading onto its decomposing chin.

Leaning forwards he casts a grotesque shadow across her naked form. He smiles.. Her distress, he loves it.. fear emanates from his hysterical captive.
Didn't she know, fear makes her more alluring? Useless screams convince him, she is going to die. She is.. going to die; his body shakes at the very thought.. its going to happen.
He wants her to weep; he needs to see her squirm. An end almost in his sight.

Talons around her slender throat... pupils dilate... apply consistent deep, dark, pressure. Instinct reminds him ... this will help.
Eventually from his own pure evil practice, he knows the end is inevitable.. he will watch closely as she drifts off to never, never land.

Aha.... but not before he slams open, misshapen monstrous eyes, allowing her to clearly see the mirror image she would behold, remembering forever.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Are there ANGELS Amongst us....

I was asked many moons ago.. "Do you believe" I said "Yesssss"... Asked again "But do you really.. really.. reeeeally believe" thinking harder now.. frustrated by my reluctance.. "Come on, do you believe in Angels" In silence I have a reflective pause "Yesssss... I believe" I said gently "especially in Angels made from gold"... "Angels of gold" she said. I smiled and held my breath.
Angels do exist I know because I hear them every day.. I watch them work... I see them play... They are usually busy Bees and normally have a list of things to do.. places to go.. people to see.. Their aim on the planet is quite obvious ......... Helping a friend in deed and strangers in need.
The first time I saw my Angel... I was 7 yrs old. I lay perfectly still in bed, crying freely. Frightened to move... it was very dark outside but the room was well lit from the shadow of the moon ... I was poorly, feeling quite distressed. In the bedroom where I was staying, it's oblong shape held three single beds... in between each little bed there was a very small locker, to put your personal belongings in. Well... thats what they told me. Didn't they know... where I came from there was no chance of belonging or even having belongings ... So I lay there crying. I had been asleep ... something had woken me ... anxiously I looked around, I was very afraid of the dark... I had told them, the new people, but there was no night light left on for me. Petrified of getting out of bed ... I didn't know where I was or who they were.. Oh why had they not listened to me... I then cried even harder.

Whilst crying, I slowly realised the room was becoming brighter, looking up towards the light, I was convinced someone had switched it on... No light... and again the room was beginning to glow ...
At first she just stood there... I didn't know what to do... I was feeling sooooo sad but the light in the bedroom made me feel better... I dared to sit up, I looked at her she was very, very beautiful. Looking up into her face, her eyes were closed. Slowly I stopped crying. Sitting there in the golden glow of the bedroom, I wondered what to do... when quite suddenly the Angels eyes opened.. looking at me, she spoke.. her voice sounded like tingling glass, the way beautiful crystal sounds when you strike it with a spoon.

I wanted to hear it again... This time she spoke higher... Your going to be alright, things have been difficult for you... your feeling very sad, this will pass. My Angel moved herself slightly to turn more towards me.... she continued in clear crystal tones... Your life will turn around, you will see and feel what its like to be happy... Your a good little girl and soon you will see everythings going to turn out well for you..
My Angels icy blue eyes had bulbous tears in them. I watched as they cascaded, brimming over small dark shiny lashes. She spoke to me very slowly about life and what had been .... I asked her if she was going to be my new mummy ... her tears flowed faster, she replied reassuringly explaining she could not be my mummy but she would be something better ... "Better then a mummy?" I gently protested knowing deep down how badly I wanted a mum... "Yes better, because I want you to know I will always, always be with you even when you can't see me, you will forever feel me, knowing I am only a whisper away. Thinking about what my Angel had said made me feel safe, warm and secure... I sat mesmerised, rhythmically nodding.

I very soon realised Angel and I were not alone. My concentration broken, I looked around the bedroom to disover a further two Angels smiling down on me. Their warmth and sincerity gave me a feeling of serenity, I recall the feeling totally overwhelmed me. It was amazing. I didn't feel bad now and hey, maybe this strange new room was going to make a great bedroom after all.

I sleepily lay my head on the pillow. Magically reading my thoughts, my Angel whispered softly never forget that you are not alone, I will take care of you.... feeling a gentle touch with the sweet smell of roses, I drifted off....

The next day I jumped out of bed, looked around the cool bedroom feeling tremendous happiness. I noticed someone had been in and left some really smart clothes for me to wear.... Wow a dress.. yes a dress and underwear and socks.. they smell good.. what's this? Oh yes a toothbrush! This is so fantasic. Dressed in minutes and ready for action.. I'm running down steps through fire escape doors on towards the big dining room. I smell food, toast.. I see milk... I run to the enormous windows surrounding the room, I see Wow this is so good. I hear a voice behind me.. another child... "who are you"? I swirl in my beautiful pink dress which I hold out wide... I observe two twinkling brown eyes and a crazy mop of black hair "I am a princess" I say regally "and where do you live princess"? Raising my blonde head, I look with wonder around my brand new home.... "why... I live here in my castle" flopping down, falling backwards on to an over stuffed sofa, throwing my feet high into the air whilst I further examine my beautiful white socks... I'm smiling wide... just in time to see my hero walk through the door..........
"Ahhhh there you are Jane" Mr Webb cried ... "we were looking for you" :)

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Thought for to-day.. told with a genuine smile : )

I'm being told to think of my audience.... Hmmmmm, let me see.... I would like to think if I had an audience, it would be more than likely they came from all walks of life... interested in anything and everything... People who are open to suggestions that may compliment their lives in a positive sense...
My personal thoughts are in life, we never know who, what, or when something will be thrown at us.... Most of us know, this is not a dress rehersal... This is it!! We have to try whenever possible to think positive. Smile brightly and take care of the world and all it holds... not always possible I hear you say, I agree.... but if we dont try, then ultimately thats less positive healing energy to get hold of in yours and my time of need... In everyday life, I try to be mindful of taking a step backwards, look forwards, see whats going on.... focus on who is before me... what are they doing, thinking, feeling and hopefully within that short space of time in observing life, I can take stock... who needs help, is it family, friends or strangers? See what reserves I have and help if I can. If I can't then I point them in the right direction.... I'm aware of other peoples negatives along with their pointless thoughts around 'DO-GOODERS' ... One of my philosophys in life ...
"If you cant say anything nice then dont say anthing at all"

Despite a shaky start in life... I'm proud to declare, thankfully I have managed to become a happy, hopeful, realistic person who has got this far in life relatively unscathed. With my current thoughts & feelings.... I know 100% how much I have to give, If I'm prepared to give it, especially not forgetting when its the appropriate time to say "No" but... I do try.... My message is this.... Help others if you can, be mindful of whats happening around you and them because the chances are you could make a world of difference and a difference in their world, even if its to just one person... if you do... then you've done a good job... : )

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Secrets of the Watcher

A small peek into a brand new story....

Lying in a crumpled heap on the hard wet ground, I clutched my head in both hands... it was pouring heavily with my life's own crimson force. Silent tears, hot searing pain. Not daring to move or even to breath. I heard it... hissing like a snake... it's stinking spittal hitting my face. It growled... "I want her, she's mine..." with a liquid whoosh of air I knew it was gone. Gratefully closing my pain filled eyes, slowly very slowly... light fading... Feeling secure, safe and snug... enveloped eventually in a warm welcome blackness.

Beautiful Maddie

Here is my beautiful Maddie....
A true friend, I call her my stalker..... :)
Maddie is one year old, constantly under my feet but the closer she can get to me the better.... A beautiful dog with a wonderful personality... Mad as a hatter and in love with everyone she meets..... Loves other dogs. Runs all the time, she has sooooo much energy.... loves nothing better then walking or should I say running.... around our local pond or woods and of course not forgetting her regular muddy dip and swim with our local wildlife...much to their dismay! :)

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

This weeks fantasy

I am totally addicted to fantasy with the huge possibilities of working with this material. I like to believe I have and own a fabulous imagination...
I'm very excited to be currently working on a couple of projects that look very promising ... Especially my creation of the Sea Queen and her adventures..... wow if that gets taken up... its gonna be amazing... a series ... a dream... :)

Twice in One Day!

Twice today I have been told by the media, that for me hope and optimism along with the arrival of unexpected help will happen. I was also promptly informed the time has now come for me to strive forwards... towards my goals. That these goals may have at one time seemed unattainable.
I have to admit, between you and me, .... along with this very much wanted advice I have also been strongly encouraged to feel that nothing is out of my reach. I mustn't hold back!!
While this advice doesn't predict any immediate change, it does represent limitless possibilities that my life and its opportunities have to offer.....

I can say this, I will truly embrace wholeheartedly and warmly any opportunity... because we all want to believe in this good stuff!!! :) Dont we? xxx
Watch this space for some interesting thoughts!!!!