Monday, 26 July 2010

Nightmares, Dreams & Drama...

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Have you ever had nightmares whereby you're running scared... sweat is pumping... heart is banging... petrified thoughts are all over the place... to top it off, you’re being chased at high speed. You’re pursuer is either an enemy or someone not of this earth... however, you’re in no doubt, it wants to hurt you.

I have!!!

I’ve always had nightmares, usually with realistically cruel themes, they frequently involve people I know. The worst ones seem to be when I sense a threat before I see it. Feeling it first... then, it ends up where I’m chased either by monsters or evil entities; thank goodness I always seem to wake up before they attack...

Back then, a lot of my dreams were horribly unnerving and those scary feelings lasted long after the nightmare was over. When I was a little girl I tended to own nightmares that were recurrent. There was one I had a lot, it involved sharks.

Imagine this; I’m about 7-8years of age.

As if by magic I’m able to view all aspects of the nightmare from within...I first witness the nightmare from above... I’m a-no one, a nothing! I’m standing in front of a chest high brick wall. If I look outwards all I see is rough sea and its horizon. To my left I become aware of a silent group of onlookers who look extremely concerned, they stretch up higher to peer over the wall, getting a better look. Curious... I look over the sea wall too and immediately see five children tossing about aimlessly in the sea... I cry out as I witness with each new wave, these rag-doll children are rammed mercilessly against the huge sea wall... but the added horror is I see numerous sharks in the water hungrily circling the children. Then Whoosh within a heart beat... I‘m one of the children, the older sister... terrorised; I know I just have to get the children out of the sea... looking upwards at the wall I see people... I know they can help except I scream as I feel a sharks intimidating nudge when it pushes against my legs. In complete and utter panic I realise time is running out. Whoosh... I’m back up on the top of the wall screaming for a rope to be thrown, I see terror etched across the tiny faces of the children, but the people don’t hear me... completely overwhelmed and numb with fear I again look below and that’s when I see it... blood ... Whoosh... I’m back in the icy water... again the eldest sister who is now holding up two of her smallest siblings so the sharks won’t get them, the other two siblings are grabbing at me, screaming because the sharks have commenced their attack...I am systematically being pulled beneath the huge waves... it’s at this precise moment in time, I wake up screaming begging for someone to get the other two younger ones... and whilst the sea becomes my bedclothes and my bedroom door opens with a bang... I breathe hard, I sensibly remember my siblings are safe and thank goodness so am I...

Some time ago I found out nightmares/dreams can actually mean something and there are so many dream types... for instance, Day-dreams, False awakening dreams, Lucid dreams, Nightmares, Recurring dreams, healing dreams, Prophetic dreams, Signal dreams, Epic dreams... Each dream having its own theme enveloped in drama!

I also read somewhere that making your dreams a reality is only for brave people... well now, that’s where I see clearly I’m going to be lucky... because those of you who really know me are aware I’m very brave. I’ve known for quite some time that visualisation is a distinct possibility, so if dreaming makes ones dreams comes true then the icing on my cake is going to be possible... for a long time I have felt particularly frightened to count my chickens and have always been wary of being too positive just in case I became disappointed... well now I can shout at the top of my lungs... ‘BRING IT ON’

I recognize one has to work hard to achieve success and in working hard it generally becomes possible for those dreams to become reality. I know we have to be willing to believe in ourselves but I also know that doesn't always come easy... I eventually discovered it’s whom or what is happening in your life that creates security enabling opportunities, thus giving you the courage to make your dreams come true. So come on join me on this journey of dreams... If it helps, do what I’ve done, visualise, set plans down on paper... be sure about what you want and focus... dream about where you want to be... This week I have set off a synchronisation of timed events, at the end of each event a step along the way will be detonated... ultimately bringing me closer to our goal. I believe in myself, I have courage and I’m at long last accepting the challenge with a clear head, an open heart and a family who love me.

My rainbows end is nestled securely within the kingdom of fife... Come on dreamers... Wish me luck!

Friday, 16 July 2010

The Client...

Maria Reilly is a beautiful girl with a mindful of dreams. Through a strange sequence of events on the 23rd July 2050 maria doesn't realise she'll be responsible for opening a doorway, a concealed entrance... allowing a dark disturbed menace to enter her world. Little does she know, her worst nightmare is about to begin...

Date: Saturday 23rd July 2050. Time: 6am.

23year old Maria Reilly's hand reaches out to stroke the cool mahogany counter... Looking around the beautiful hotel she embraces herself knowing the recent good news means her career will progress as planned.

Maria comes from a very poor background, she grew up knowing her life would be directed towards helping others ... She’d always wanted to open her own business, knowing she'd easily delegate as well as organise the very foundations around herself and everyone else.

Her dream of owning her own hotel as always at the forefront of her mind... Day dreaming she jumps slightly as the first client of the day walks through the automatic double doors of the rather swish hotel that she feels really fortunate to work in...

Her professional face lit up appropriately, whilst her voice smiles warmly as she welcomes the client... she asks politely what she can do to help.

Clicking her computer on to function, Maria, checks out requested availability for this evening.

“Yes Sir, we can indeed offer you the ‘Singleton suite’ how many nights do you require?”

Maria had to really listen to the guy, his voice strangely low and rasp like... she wasn’t sure if he was actually speaking or clearing his throat.

Leaning forwards to see if it was possible to hear him more clearly, she repeated

“Pardon Sir?”

Before Maria knew what was happening the raspy guy aggressively reaches over the counter and effortlessly pulls her high into the air as if she were nothing more than a mere rag doll...

Maria only screamed the once then lay in a heap at the client’s feet; pretty eyes wide open, blood dripping slightly from her eyes, nose and ears.

The client still rasping, takes a dark metal coin out of his pocket,

kisses it gently before throwing it

lightly onto Maria’s lifeless body.

Walking towards the automatic doors the client looks back at her, almost as if he remembers something important he tuts with disapproval but moves back quickly... crouching down he leans over her getting closer so he can cover her mouth with his, then in grotesque rasp fashion, he breathes in gently sucking the force which he needs to take in very carefully for later use.

High pitched screams ricochet around reception.

The client jumps startled, he follows the insane noise

to a large lady who’s jumping up and down in sheer terror at the image before her.

The client raises his hand like a magician, within seconds the large lady hushes, her birdlike eyes glaze over but her tears continue to fall.

Walking over to her, the client as before lifts her effortlessly and again she falls in a slamming motion in a heap at his feet, only this time there's no scream... the clients raspy noise continues animal like as he sucks her force greedily from within.

He hadn’t bargained on two, oh well he figured, another won’t hurt his ever growing collection. In his pocket he searched for the customary dark coin, as before he kisses the metal, throwing it onto the lady's body... Then expertly, he grabs both women by the hair and drags them towards the elevator...

Saturday, 10 July 2010

22. Domestic Service. Every single day...

The entrance to the senators residence.

Every day within the confines of this critical business there's always something different afoot... You'll know my name is Crystal Slater and I know I can safely speak for all of us when I confirm that life is progressing very nicely with a pleasant echo of hope. The thoughts that surround us float by taking me with them. I’m learning so much, embracing each experience and remembering to hold on tightly with both hands...

Saturday 3rd July 2010

At the brief this morning I discovered emphasis on a number of issues, one being the children’s up and coming half term holiday plan, from their private school.

Their mother Kristina advised, at this time of year they usually have a family holiday and she was in the process of looking into several possible options, hopefully to coincide with the senator’s annual leave. We were also made aware the senator is to attend a special senate conference; it was thought the senator might attend this important event prior to joining his family later at an undisclosed location.

Before that though, Jake and I were informed we’d be attending several domestic interviews and they would take place sooner rather than later. It also came to light there had been an incident on the gates to the residence... An individual tried to gain access to the property stating he had business with the senator. Customary further questioning saw the individual display evidence of mental health problems and after being swiftly arrested he was then carted off to the local psychiatric unit because... and this is the scary bit, once he’d been arrested and his vehicle routinely searched this produced tools such as rope, knife and gun with live ammunition, hammer and chloroform. There was also a change of clothes. This guy obviously had a pre-meditated plan.

A hush swept through-out the meeting, everyone took a moment to digest the details of a possible assault on the senator and his family. We all watched as the senator placed a protective arm around his wife Kristina, obviously she had no idea there’d been an attempt on the residence. The chairman continued... there are some sick people in the world but... our security is second to none and there was never, ever any risk to the family.

Kristina gave a final shake of her beautiful head, kissed her husband and excused herself, stating she would finalise their holiday plans and it would be strictly on a need to know basis.

As Kristina left the room we heard the door gently click behind her. Jake cleared the nervous frog in his throat; he advised the rest of us that unfortunately there were far more serious issues to be discussed. An audio tape had been received this morning, its message clear with a direct threat addressed towards the senator... the message was that the senator and his family would never be safe due to the senators own involvement in a group called ‘the patrol’ a terrorist group some of whom had been quite rightly imprisoned, several months earlier. The hush returned to the room and it was the senator who spoke.

“In my position, this is to be expected and we all know certain people will never agree with what the American people and government stand for – these people cannot, must not, be allowed to triumph but at the same time, my concern lies with my family” Taking a deep breath he continued

“So it is extremely important, we go over security arrangements with a fine toothcomb”

The senator leaned back in his black leather chair; he looked at his PA, Richard Keyes.

Richard produced as if by magic the book of secrets and patted it protectively. The secret book discussed at length and I’m sure you’ll appreciate, I'm not at liberty to discuss confidential, classified arrangements but I did see quite clearly, the restricted information was indeed second to none and I happily realised, no way could any of that be compromised... At the end of the meeting the plan was actioned; we all respectively knew our roles.

The senator thanked us for our participation and the meeting was closed.

In the bright kitchen, deep in thought I jumped as Jake whispered,

“You ok Crystal?”

“Yes of course” I responded.

But to be honest, all I wanted to do was reach out, drag him towards me and kiss him fiercely. Tingles, heat and unimaginable desire surged right though me.

“That’s ok then” he smiled.

My focus had to be on setting up a housekeeping meeting with dates, times and venues to be discussed and the various roles and interviews to be arranged...

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Time Is My Enemy...

I've reached a conclusion and clearly realise time is my No.1 enemy. Never have I felt it more so than right this very minute!!!

Time is described as an essential part of the measuring system... My own personal interest in time is simple, the older I become the quicker it seems to go... working full time doesn’t help, just simply serves to constantly remind me that at the end of the day any time left over is precious and usually claimed by family commitments. Leaving very little time for me to follow my many dreams...

It’s generally well known as well as time being socially important, it also has a personal value to individuals and can be related to ‘time is money’ as well as each and every one of us knowing there is limited personal time in each and every day, it also confirms that within every one of the many different lives, time confirms we all have a life span... whatever that may be!

My small gripe this weekend is that throughout most of last week, my thoughts were this; I don’t always have time for the luxury of my love of writing... It always has to take a back seat to accommodate other stuff. During the past twelve months I’ve heard an awful lot about visualisation... If you’ve never heard of this then you should know there are different forms of visualisation. The form I refer to is ‘Creative visualisation’ a mental technique that uses the imagination to help make dreams come true. Some people believe it is a power that can cause events to happen... attracting money, power, people and love into our lives. I believe it’s a process similar to daydreaming... there is no magic involved and no one gets hurt it’s something you visualise for a few minutes each day by concentrating on your goal, by seeing what you want, you encourage that particular event to happen.

According to available information for research, experts reckon there are people who use the technique naturally in their everyday life. It’s believed all successful people use it consciously or unconsciously, by visualizing their goals as already accomplished.

Maybe I should start doing this, visualising my dreams and goals... why not It can’t hurt, can it?