Friday, 16 July 2010

The Client...

Maria Reilly is a beautiful girl with a mindful of dreams. Through a strange sequence of events on the 23rd July 2050 maria doesn't realise she'll be responsible for opening a doorway, a concealed entrance... allowing a dark disturbed menace to enter her world. Little does she know, her worst nightmare is about to begin...

Date: Saturday 23rd July 2050. Time: 6am.

23year old Maria Reilly's hand reaches out to stroke the cool mahogany counter... Looking around the beautiful hotel she embraces herself knowing the recent good news means her career will progress as planned.

Maria comes from a very poor background, she grew up knowing her life would be directed towards helping others ... She’d always wanted to open her own business, knowing she'd easily delegate as well as organise the very foundations around herself and everyone else.

Her dream of owning her own hotel as always at the forefront of her mind... Day dreaming she jumps slightly as the first client of the day walks through the automatic double doors of the rather swish hotel that she feels really fortunate to work in...

Her professional face lit up appropriately, whilst her voice smiles warmly as she welcomes the client... she asks politely what she can do to help.

Clicking her computer on to function, Maria, checks out requested availability for this evening.

“Yes Sir, we can indeed offer you the ‘Singleton suite’ how many nights do you require?”

Maria had to really listen to the guy, his voice strangely low and rasp like... she wasn’t sure if he was actually speaking or clearing his throat.

Leaning forwards to see if it was possible to hear him more clearly, she repeated

“Pardon Sir?”

Before Maria knew what was happening the raspy guy aggressively reaches over the counter and effortlessly pulls her high into the air as if she were nothing more than a mere rag doll...

Maria only screamed the once then lay in a heap at the client’s feet; pretty eyes wide open, blood dripping slightly from her eyes, nose and ears.

The client still rasping, takes a dark metal coin out of his pocket,

kisses it gently before throwing it

lightly onto Maria’s lifeless body.

Walking towards the automatic doors the client looks back at her, almost as if he remembers something important he tuts with disapproval but moves back quickly... crouching down he leans over her getting closer so he can cover her mouth with his, then in grotesque rasp fashion, he breathes in gently sucking the force which he needs to take in very carefully for later use.

High pitched screams ricochet around reception.

The client jumps startled, he follows the insane noise

to a large lady who’s jumping up and down in sheer terror at the image before her.

The client raises his hand like a magician, within seconds the large lady hushes, her birdlike eyes glaze over but her tears continue to fall.

Walking over to her, the client as before lifts her effortlessly and again she falls in a slamming motion in a heap at his feet, only this time there's no scream... the clients raspy noise continues animal like as he sucks her force greedily from within.

He hadn’t bargained on two, oh well he figured, another won’t hurt his ever growing collection. In his pocket he searched for the customary dark coin, as before he kisses the metal, throwing it onto the lady's body... Then expertly, he grabs both women by the hair and drags them towards the elevator...

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