Monday, 26 July 2010

Nightmares, Dreams & Drama...

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Have you ever had nightmares whereby you're running scared... sweat is pumping... heart is banging... petrified thoughts are all over the place... to top it off, you’re being chased at high speed. You’re pursuer is either an enemy or someone not of this earth... however, you’re in no doubt, it wants to hurt you.

I have!!!

I’ve always had nightmares, usually with realistically cruel themes, they frequently involve people I know. The worst ones seem to be when I sense a threat before I see it. Feeling it first... then, it ends up where I’m chased either by monsters or evil entities; thank goodness I always seem to wake up before they attack...

Back then, a lot of my dreams were horribly unnerving and those scary feelings lasted long after the nightmare was over. When I was a little girl I tended to own nightmares that were recurrent. There was one I had a lot, it involved sharks.

Imagine this; I’m about 7-8years of age.

As if by magic I’m able to view all aspects of the nightmare from within...I first witness the nightmare from above... I’m a-no one, a nothing! I’m standing in front of a chest high brick wall. If I look outwards all I see is rough sea and its horizon. To my left I become aware of a silent group of onlookers who look extremely concerned, they stretch up higher to peer over the wall, getting a better look. Curious... I look over the sea wall too and immediately see five children tossing about aimlessly in the sea... I cry out as I witness with each new wave, these rag-doll children are rammed mercilessly against the huge sea wall... but the added horror is I see numerous sharks in the water hungrily circling the children. Then Whoosh within a heart beat... I‘m one of the children, the older sister... terrorised; I know I just have to get the children out of the sea... looking upwards at the wall I see people... I know they can help except I scream as I feel a sharks intimidating nudge when it pushes against my legs. In complete and utter panic I realise time is running out. Whoosh... I’m back up on the top of the wall screaming for a rope to be thrown, I see terror etched across the tiny faces of the children, but the people don’t hear me... completely overwhelmed and numb with fear I again look below and that’s when I see it... blood ... Whoosh... I’m back in the icy water... again the eldest sister who is now holding up two of her smallest siblings so the sharks won’t get them, the other two siblings are grabbing at me, screaming because the sharks have commenced their attack...I am systematically being pulled beneath the huge waves... it’s at this precise moment in time, I wake up screaming begging for someone to get the other two younger ones... and whilst the sea becomes my bedclothes and my bedroom door opens with a bang... I breathe hard, I sensibly remember my siblings are safe and thank goodness so am I...

Some time ago I found out nightmares/dreams can actually mean something and there are so many dream types... for instance, Day-dreams, False awakening dreams, Lucid dreams, Nightmares, Recurring dreams, healing dreams, Prophetic dreams, Signal dreams, Epic dreams... Each dream having its own theme enveloped in drama!

I also read somewhere that making your dreams a reality is only for brave people... well now, that’s where I see clearly I’m going to be lucky... because those of you who really know me are aware I’m very brave. I’ve known for quite some time that visualisation is a distinct possibility, so if dreaming makes ones dreams comes true then the icing on my cake is going to be possible... for a long time I have felt particularly frightened to count my chickens and have always been wary of being too positive just in case I became disappointed... well now I can shout at the top of my lungs... ‘BRING IT ON’

I recognize one has to work hard to achieve success and in working hard it generally becomes possible for those dreams to become reality. I know we have to be willing to believe in ourselves but I also know that doesn't always come easy... I eventually discovered it’s whom or what is happening in your life that creates security enabling opportunities, thus giving you the courage to make your dreams come true. So come on join me on this journey of dreams... If it helps, do what I’ve done, visualise, set plans down on paper... be sure about what you want and focus... dream about where you want to be... This week I have set off a synchronisation of timed events, at the end of each event a step along the way will be detonated... ultimately bringing me closer to our goal. I believe in myself, I have courage and I’m at long last accepting the challenge with a clear head, an open heart and a family who love me.

My rainbows end is nestled securely within the kingdom of fife... Come on dreamers... Wish me luck!

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