Wednesday, 28 April 2010

10. Domestic Service... Sweet-Dreams...

Saturday 10-04-10 Pm... (Update)

In my last chapter you may remember I left to go to bed with my secret... Those of you who are familiar with the story know within my role as a protective agent I’m not able to share real names, photographs or locations due simply to the nature of my work. However I can share with you how my protective agency understandably made it extremely difficult for me to even write about this but true to the spirit of my own personality I stubbornly applied for a special licence. The conclusion was my work had to be proof read by our legal department before publication... I was given the green light and contracts were signed. I must add this didn’t stop me from enforcing signatures of privacy for my own identity from legal... including a small handful of people who had knowledge of what I was writing about. It was pointed out to me that in the history of protective services this had never happened before. Still isn’t that what life is all about.... progression, change and growth. I want to share so much with the world...

It may be interesting to know even if my secret became general knowledge; it wouldn’t hurt me or my position. For now though, I want to retain anonymity for as long as possible... Why? Because somewhere inside it gave me a deep, delicious feeling knowing I was different, even special. I knew I would become the best agent in the history of protection and that would include all it stood for. I know... I know... I distinctly hear you all thinking it's a rather large ambition ... But why not? My secret would assist me in becoming just that.

So do I tell you what the secret is now or will I let you read it as my observations unfold... I think it might be more interesting to see the secrets unfold within my observations of the family I protect... Oh yes didn’t I tell you, there’s more than one.

Now my friend it’s time for me to hit the sleep button... I've a busy day tomorrow making sure the family get back to their villa safe and sound...

Sweet Dreams!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

9. Domestic Service... Dolphins, Children & Dreams...

After having the most wonderful sleep with creamy delicious dreams on board a slow moving boat, happily I wondered how my day would unfold but before any of that, I had to quickly rise and shine before two very excited children surfaced...

Busy In the kitchen cabin, I was joined by a very sleepy Kristina and two babbling children.

“You go back to bed Kristina” I admonished “I’ll sort the children out”

“Are you sure” she whispered hoarsely...

“Of course” I laughed pushing her gently backwards towards the galley door.

A few hours later found us washed, dressed and breakfasted... up on deck I had attached child friendly safety leads as well as securing their life jackets... It was fabulous to watch the joy on the children’s faces has we watched in awe the amazing dolphins. They jumped so high, we couldn’t believe our eyes. I had never seen such a sight, the children squealed so much their parents came running to see what all the commotion was about.

Even the captain appeared; stroking his silver chin, he looked over the side and stated he’d never seen as many dolphins. I decided to get my camera and quickly began clicking whilst those incredible creatures continued to follow the back of the boat.

The rest of our glorious sea journey a board ‘The Captains Delight’ went well. The family were having such a great time... there was lots of laughter, games and food with a Bar-B-Q. When it was time to set off back home, faces looked sad. I quickly realised Kristina and the children knew the senator had to return to the US. How that was going to happen was still a mystery with all the ash still pluming from the volcano, smothering the atmosphere and coating the skies.

“Crystal do we have to go back?” the children cried in unison.

“I’m afraid so but it’s not all bad, I’m planning a very special picnic “

two pairs of rounded blue eyes looked back in surprise.

“A special picnic?” giggles with happy faces ran full pelt towards their mother to inform her of their latest news.

The Boat seemed to be very busy... The captain, Eric and Jake seemed to be having a meeting... I was sat with Kristina deciding the best way to organise the rest of our week... the children sat next to their mother crayoning. I needed to be with the men, I had to know what their security plans were... I wanted to know how they were going to get the senator to the US... Yes, this time had been nice aboard ‘The Captains Delight’ but I think it’s time to return to the villa.

Jake looked over at me and winked.

Eric looked over too; he smiled in a long slow meaningful mused way...

I smiled at them both... finding it utterly exhilarating that every person on board didn’t know my special secret... Oh yes Jake knew I was a protective agent but... he didn’t know my special secret. Mind you, that’s the way it had to be...

A maid has to have some perks to the job!

Monday, 19 April 2010

8. Domestic Service... Life on the ocean wave...

After the shocking discovery of evidence that a peeping tom had been outside my window I felt completely overwhelmed by a scratchy eeriness. Not knowing who or what had been standing in the dark watching me, made me vow to be more prevalent...

Jakes warning of a lack in security played on my mind. After further investigation of premises and staff... results were inconclusive... but definite major steps had been placed in force to eliminate possible security breaches before they occurred... also the security division within the property was being overhauled because of the potential impact it could have on our current situation.

Friday 9/04/10 (pm)

We were all packed and ready for the senator’s welcome surprise trip to stay a few days on a boat called... ‘The Captains Delight’ The children were excited as was their mother Kristina, who babbled excitedly from the start of our journey to its finish.

Balancing at the harbours mouth, I was astounded by the vessels beauty and its sheer size... My precious cargo clung on to me jumping from one foot then the other...

"Crystal... Crystal are we going on now?" squealed little Felicia.

"I want to drive the boat, I want to" cried Max.

The children skipped as I pulled them towards their waiting parents. Domestic staff carried luggage. We proceeded to the gangway to board the boat. Looking back I watched as Jake folded paper and talked to Eric who is head of security. Both deep in conversation, unfortunately I was unable to hear. The walkway moved gently as we all pushed forwards, eager to climb aboard.

The captain welcomed us immediately striking up conversation with the senator. All the while every second of every minute my developed antennas were scanning, searching for possible infiltration.

"Crystal, would you kindly help me with the children, we can settle them before they burst at the seams from excitement"

Laughing, I pulled the children after their mother as we followed one of the ships maids.

I kept a close eye on people, area locations, body language and tones in voices. Before we descended steps to the lower deck, I observed Jake step on board... he nodded a signal to meet later... I nodded in acknowledgement.

Once the children were settled, changed and fed Kristina told me the rest of the day was mine and I could go and investigate the beautiful boat. First though, I went to my allocated room and unpacked my belongings... making sure I knew where everything was just in case of an emergency. The room was small but delightful with lots of shiny wood panelling and the bed perfect with its white linen and lace, I even had a tiny en-suite.

Up on deck I headed for the back of the ship to view a fading shoreline... despite my vow of ensuring lucidity I was startled by Eric, security.

“Apologies I didn’t mean to frighten you” he grinned.

“You didn’t” I replied a little too quickly.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” looking over towards Eric, I watched him lean forwards with arms folded neatly... balancing on the stainless steel rail.

I felt warmth from the late afternoon sun on my skin. I agreed...

“Yes, it's wonderful”

“I’m exploring, would you like to join me?” He asked...

Looking over into his green eyes I nodded.

The next 45minutes with Eric were spent discussing the boat and its possible destination, which seemed by all accounts to be a mystery... but a mystery I understood perfectly. The boat was huge and luxurious with lots of beautiful rooms. The main salon featured a full entertainment center including a 42" Plasma TV/DSS/DVD/CD. The salon also boasted a large sectional sofa and comfortable surroundings. Back on deck we were joined by Jake who advised Eric his dinner was ready and we would join him shortly.

Grinning Eric moved towards double doors and what I thought were flickering crystal lights. I smelt the most wonderful aroma waft towards me, reminding me I was hungry... I recalled my thumping heart as I remembered Eric’s eyes. Looking up quickly I noticed Jake wasn’t smiling but that wasn’t unusual so didn't concern me.

“Crystal whilst the family are having a few days away from the villa, our people are in overhauling the new security measurements”

Looking out to sea Jake did a quick turn to ensure we were alone.

“I have a new device for you but will give it you later; I’ll show you how it operates”

Jake was quiet as if contemplating the niftiness of the new device.

“How are you by the way...? Is everything alright?”

“I’m ok, getting to grips with my role but a bit anxious to be honest... you know about the unknown peeping tom”

“Don’t worry Crystal it won’t happen again, I have nothing else to report at this time except all is up to par. Family are happy but... we may have a problem on our return, the senator has to get back to the U.S. the family will stay at the villa until further notice”

“I'll remain with family?” I whispered looking around.

“Yes, senator will have his own pre-arranged security but there’s a major problem with air space... because of this damn volcano in Iceland and its suffocating ash”

Silence enveloped us again when a voice shouted...

“Come on you two, your dinner's being served”

Without looking, I knew it was Eric... looking around for the umpteenth time, I muttered

“Jake would you like to discuss anything else?”

A curtain of uncertainty covered Jakes eyes...

“No... Nothing else, except Crystal keep your wits about you, even at sea the family are at risk”

As we walked towards the dining area, Jake touched my arm,

“Oh before I forget Crystal, I’ll be calling later with that new device”

Dinner was a wonderful experience; we were joined by the senator and his lovely wife who was still excited just like her delightful children, both by the journey we were on and its unknown destination. The senator was talking to the guys about Tiger woods and Golf, Kristina and I laughed then yawned.

“Well if you’ll excuse me” I said “It’s been another long day, I need to get to bed”

“Of course Crystal” Kristina cried “You have worked so hard, the children will no doubt be up nice and early tomorrow... Is 6.30am ok?”

“Yes that’s absolutely fine, goodnight everybody”

A chorus of goodnights blew up from the dining room table. I caught a fleeting glimpse of Eric’s green eyes and witnessed his silent smile, again I felt the bump, bump, bump of my thumping heart...

Monday, 12 April 2010

6. Domestic Service... Connections...

Remember I don’t make the rules I only enforce them...

Thursday 8/04/10 am.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday went without any hitches... lots of connections made via bridge-building from all quarters of the senator’s household.

There seemed to be an unspoken hush between all staff members, it felt right it should remain that way. The senator and his family were delightful, warm caring individuals who welcomed me eagerly into their lives. It actually felt like I belonged with them. This improved my job; if I were truly honest it made the planned task easier.

The early mornings and late-nights were painless; in fact I couldn’t wait to get on the job with my own clear-cut knowledge of duty. Jake was amazing in that his organisational skills and communication chapters were informative. Still he was flat, unemotional but I knew clearly there would be no chance of us not getting it right, especially if our fields of communication were kept at this standard and with him at the helm. I for one felt happy.

At the last meet I’d been given a very special if somewhat complicated device. This would quickly allow me to instruct and advise all other special agents within the vicinity. It was literally one press of a button but only once a specific code had been infused with in its framework. I can’t be too graphic with this sensitive material because these things are lethal in the wrong hands. I can share the gadget had many other uses... all of which I felt were very clever and looking at the small device, I knew to the layman it would appear incomprehensible as to what it was for.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Domestic Service. Decisions....

Friday 2/04/10. The Call...

Sitting relaxed with feet up, drinking lukewarm tea with a mindful of thoughts, I heard an unfamiliar ring sending me rushing towards my handbag. I knew it had to be Jake with the decision.


“Crystal its Jake, the news is good... I'll collect you at 9.30am, be ready

“That’s very welcome news, I...” before I completed my sentence the phone clicked, he was gone.

“How rude” I admonished to myself.

Saturday 3/04/10. The Journey...

The following day, the return journey to the Villa was quietly strained.

“Are the family waiting for me” I asked hesitantly

“No, they’re out but it was by their instruction you were to be on site by the time they returned”

Up ahead the triple gates moved... driving through, I watched two security guys respectively salute towards Jake.

“Where’s Eric” I enquired.

“He’s applying security measures to the property today” I detected a distinct irritation in his demeanour.

Nervous, I felt a little edgy about asking further questions.

“Will I be briefed before the family return?”

“Of course... for now you'll be shown to your room, we will meet in the dining room at 11.30am, before the family return”

Helped to my room which was situated on the ground floor behind the huge kitchen, I was pleasantly surprised at the opulence of my quarters which although not massive... did have en suite with a stunning four poster bed, so I felt extravagantly pampered.

11.30am sharp found me in the dining room, waiting for Jake who I felt was acting unnecessarily distant.

“Sorry I’m late" he smiled "was waiting for Eric to return from his task... I needed further recommendations on his findings”

Looking at Jake I realised I may never fathom the guy out, one second distant the next friendly... possibly one of the most unpredictable people I would ever meet.

“No problem” I gently breathed.

“Ok, Crystal the family will arrive at 2.00pm you are to relax, get to know them especially concentrating on the children... this weekend will be spent getting to know each other... On Monday you’ll commence duties at 6.30am where you'll be expected to get the children ready once they wake... You’ll prepare their breakfast, wash and dress them unless otherwise instructed by parents... Occasionally they sleep till 8.00am but as long as you’re available”.

Jake sat down and pointed to a chair.

“Parents are the ones who for the most part will instruct you but you and I will meet occasionally to catch up... should you suspect something, anything... you know the procedure”

Jakes constant stare made me feel uncomfortable.

“You passed your interview with flying colours, it must be noted that the senator was very well impressed, particularly at the impression you made on his wife and children... It should be said the children even asked for you this morning”

I felt the glow start in my toes and end on the top of my head, just as I had planned... a connection.

“The senator is confident his family have taken you into their hearts and as far as I’m concerned that’s a good thing, just what the service hoped for... well-done”

“Thank you” I gushed

“May I ask how many staff is employed for the Villa?” I queried.

“Yes, the Villa retains a number of staff; 2 maids to assist each other with cleaning... a house-keeper who supervises the maids and cook. Cook also has a maid who assists her in the kitchen and with cooking duties... There‘s an old gardener who is constantly around, he lives in a small dwelling not far from the edge of the property... There are 4 members of security, three you’ve seen... In time I’ll introduce them all to you but for now you must concentrate on our focal point and keep in mind the reason your here”

We were disturbed by a young Spanish maid when the door was pushed opened ...

“Senour, would you like a cup of tea?” Jake’s irritation re-surfaced...

“Crystal would you like tea?”

“Yes that would be very nice” I smiled at the maid as she about turned.

For the first time today I felt truly happy... content in the knowledge I was well on my way to a new life... my instant family had more then doubled... Sitting at the dining room table, I couldn’t wait for the senator and his family to return.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Domestic Service & Liaisons................

Fri 2/04/10. The meeting.......

Up bright and early the hours dragged. I waited impatiently to meet Jake at the hotel reception.

Without smiling “Have you brought all of your belongings? We won’t be returning” he declared.

“Yes all here”

We both helped the porter carry stuff out to the car.

Pushing the packed boot down Jake assumed driving position. Neither one of us spoke. Deep in my own private thoughts I contemplated Jake might want to have some Shhhhh time whilst we weaved our way through the little Spanish town resort.

Jake eventually broke the heavy silence.

“Crystal, the family’s eager to meet you” I watched his knuckles whiten as both hands gripped the leather steering wheel.

“I’m also eager to commence my assignment” I reported.

“Good, good... It’s now 11.45am; we will arrive approximately 1.30pm. The family are staying inland, at a beautiful villa not to far from the coastline. I’ve already made arrangements for you to stay over at a more local hotel this evening... you’ll return to the villa tomorrow”

“Could I not stay tonight” I curiously questioned.

“Definitely not, this is the only way we could do this without stirring up suspicion, also don’t forget, the senators lady thinks this is an interview, so we have to have breathing space after the meet to discuss your suitability for the post”

Jake’s eyes didn’t leave the road.

“Of course” I fell silent. I had so much to learn, so much to experience.

Jake sensed my nerves he semi-smiled.

“You’ll be fine, don’t worry, treat this like a normal interview and above all remember your going to be ok” a sideways glance produced a comical wink which allowed me to breath a sigh of relief.

Turning into a triple gated entrance I knew we were about to arrive.

The site that greeted tired travelled eyes was awe inspiring. The manor-style residence was exceptional, its position amidst tranquil countryside boasted breathtaking countryside views.

Stepping out of the car I observed on the horizon I could just glimpse a hint of the sea. My nostrils twitched immediately as I smelt the sweet aroma from the surrounding wine groves. The property appeared to be distributed around a breath taking central courtyard with a magnificent fountain; the garden surrounding this impressive house had an almost Italian feel to it which had obviously been meticulously maintained. Walking through the already open wide double doors, I saw the internal lay out of the house was designed like so many of the Majorcan designers did for this era, offering a beautiful Spanish feel with large inviting rooms boasting traditional designs.

I quietly sucked my breath inwards has I observed an outstanding pool area from behind, floor to ceiling windows, which were slightly tinted a darker colour its job presumably to reflect the sun. I could see peaceful and tranquil surroundings and from my perspective I knew this was going to be appreciated.

From above the double staircase, I heard loud squeals of laughter from what sounded like two running children, followed closely by protective parents reprimanding them to be careful on the stairs.

Looking up I watched a family descend the white and mahogany staircase. I couldn’t help thinking; these people looked just like celebrities. Both plunged towards me with hands warmly outstretched. After introductions I was joyfully introduced to two gorgeous children. Max aged 9yrs and Felicia aged 7yrs. We all sat down when a member of staff arrived from a facing room with a tea-trolley decked with beautiful fine bone china crockery, each piece delicately decorated with pink and blue flowers. The wafer thin sandwiches and thick cuts of cake adorned the trolley and looked scrumptious. The same member of staff was then asked to take the children off whilst their parents spoke privately with me.

The interview was pleasant but thorough... I was asked about everything and anything. I was asked to produce all my documentation as well as references and qualifications. I was advised immediately that phone calls were to be made as well as fax’s sent imminently, due to the urgent nature of the post. The senator’s lady Kristina advised me she was looking forward to having someone close to her on board. I proceeded to ask questions about the children and their routines before long, an hour and a half had passed. The senator left the room to answer an urgent call, as he opened the door I witnessed Jake standing outside looking in.

Lady Kristina smiled at my visual observation; she said she liked that in a member of staff because that meant they were taking their job seriously.... She spent the next ten minutes talking to me about being fearful for her family’s safety due to her husband’s position.

The door flew open when in gushed two gorgeous, giggling children who lovingly flung their arms around their mother. It was obvious they had a wonderful warm relationship.

Kristina stood apologising for her husband’s disappearance then asked me if I wanted to have a look around the villa with her and the children. On the pool patio, I inhaled the sweet scent from the ripened grapes whilst Kristina babbled on about the role and duties expected from a nanny/maid she informed me I would be expected to accompany the family on days out and a little light cooking would be required just for the children. I was also advised I would have time out to myself on a regular basis but this would be confirmed on positive feedback from my previous employers. I couldn’t help but smile, having the secret buried so deep within my soul made me feel extremely powerful, still.... I was very conscious of scanning the surrounding perimeter as I knew only to well even at this stage I was working.

Back inside curled up with the children reading ‘Winnie the pooh’ I was approached by the senator who advised me it was time to return to the hotel. Kristina looked at me warmly and thanked me for my time... slipping her arm around her husband, she advised me I would be called later once the information had been received. The children jumped from the sofa, scampering off to the kitchen. I thanked them both kindly just as Jake arrived to drive me back to the hotel.

Leaving the Villa, I knew in my heart of hearts more then anything I had to return... I was needed... this was going to be the start of a daring adventure. Jake drove silently towards the triple gates. From a distance I observed a handsome man standing close to the tall gate posts...

“Who’s that?”

“That’s Eric, the senior security officer; he’s waiting for the gate’s security officer to return on site”

“Why didn’t I see security when I arrived?”

“I was wondering the very same thing” Jake said

The electronic gates hissed gently as they opened... Eric tipped his head slowly smiling at me...

“Does he know who I am?” I whispered through clenched lips.

“No, like I said... there’s only the senator and I who know who our protective service agents are”

“So there’s more then one?”

“All you need to know Crystal is your own position, you're role is going to be very important just like this particular assignment”

Jake drove quickly towards the hotel... before he left me at reception he carefully whispered you have your phone, make sure it’s on... I will be calling with news in a few hours and again before I checked in he was gone....