Wednesday, 28 April 2010

10. Domestic Service... Sweet-Dreams...

Saturday 10-04-10 Pm... (Update)

In my last chapter you may remember I left to go to bed with my secret... Those of you who are familiar with the story know within my role as a protective agent I’m not able to share real names, photographs or locations due simply to the nature of my work. However I can share with you how my protective agency understandably made it extremely difficult for me to even write about this but true to the spirit of my own personality I stubbornly applied for a special licence. The conclusion was my work had to be proof read by our legal department before publication... I was given the green light and contracts were signed. I must add this didn’t stop me from enforcing signatures of privacy for my own identity from legal... including a small handful of people who had knowledge of what I was writing about. It was pointed out to me that in the history of protective services this had never happened before. Still isn’t that what life is all about.... progression, change and growth. I want to share so much with the world...

It may be interesting to know even if my secret became general knowledge; it wouldn’t hurt me or my position. For now though, I want to retain anonymity for as long as possible... Why? Because somewhere inside it gave me a deep, delicious feeling knowing I was different, even special. I knew I would become the best agent in the history of protection and that would include all it stood for. I know... I know... I distinctly hear you all thinking it's a rather large ambition ... But why not? My secret would assist me in becoming just that.

So do I tell you what the secret is now or will I let you read it as my observations unfold... I think it might be more interesting to see the secrets unfold within my observations of the family I protect... Oh yes didn’t I tell you, there’s more than one.

Now my friend it’s time for me to hit the sleep button... I've a busy day tomorrow making sure the family get back to their villa safe and sound...

Sweet Dreams!

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