Monday, 19 April 2010

8. Domestic Service... Life on the ocean wave...

After the shocking discovery of evidence that a peeping tom had been outside my window I felt completely overwhelmed by a scratchy eeriness. Not knowing who or what had been standing in the dark watching me, made me vow to be more prevalent...

Jakes warning of a lack in security played on my mind. After further investigation of premises and staff... results were inconclusive... but definite major steps had been placed in force to eliminate possible security breaches before they occurred... also the security division within the property was being overhauled because of the potential impact it could have on our current situation.

Friday 9/04/10 (pm)

We were all packed and ready for the senator’s welcome surprise trip to stay a few days on a boat called... ‘The Captains Delight’ The children were excited as was their mother Kristina, who babbled excitedly from the start of our journey to its finish.

Balancing at the harbours mouth, I was astounded by the vessels beauty and its sheer size... My precious cargo clung on to me jumping from one foot then the other...

"Crystal... Crystal are we going on now?" squealed little Felicia.

"I want to drive the boat, I want to" cried Max.

The children skipped as I pulled them towards their waiting parents. Domestic staff carried luggage. We proceeded to the gangway to board the boat. Looking back I watched as Jake folded paper and talked to Eric who is head of security. Both deep in conversation, unfortunately I was unable to hear. The walkway moved gently as we all pushed forwards, eager to climb aboard.

The captain welcomed us immediately striking up conversation with the senator. All the while every second of every minute my developed antennas were scanning, searching for possible infiltration.

"Crystal, would you kindly help me with the children, we can settle them before they burst at the seams from excitement"

Laughing, I pulled the children after their mother as we followed one of the ships maids.

I kept a close eye on people, area locations, body language and tones in voices. Before we descended steps to the lower deck, I observed Jake step on board... he nodded a signal to meet later... I nodded in acknowledgement.

Once the children were settled, changed and fed Kristina told me the rest of the day was mine and I could go and investigate the beautiful boat. First though, I went to my allocated room and unpacked my belongings... making sure I knew where everything was just in case of an emergency. The room was small but delightful with lots of shiny wood panelling and the bed perfect with its white linen and lace, I even had a tiny en-suite.

Up on deck I headed for the back of the ship to view a fading shoreline... despite my vow of ensuring lucidity I was startled by Eric, security.

“Apologies I didn’t mean to frighten you” he grinned.

“You didn’t” I replied a little too quickly.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” looking over towards Eric, I watched him lean forwards with arms folded neatly... balancing on the stainless steel rail.

I felt warmth from the late afternoon sun on my skin. I agreed...

“Yes, it's wonderful”

“I’m exploring, would you like to join me?” He asked...

Looking over into his green eyes I nodded.

The next 45minutes with Eric were spent discussing the boat and its possible destination, which seemed by all accounts to be a mystery... but a mystery I understood perfectly. The boat was huge and luxurious with lots of beautiful rooms. The main salon featured a full entertainment center including a 42" Plasma TV/DSS/DVD/CD. The salon also boasted a large sectional sofa and comfortable surroundings. Back on deck we were joined by Jake who advised Eric his dinner was ready and we would join him shortly.

Grinning Eric moved towards double doors and what I thought were flickering crystal lights. I smelt the most wonderful aroma waft towards me, reminding me I was hungry... I recalled my thumping heart as I remembered Eric’s eyes. Looking up quickly I noticed Jake wasn’t smiling but that wasn’t unusual so didn't concern me.

“Crystal whilst the family are having a few days away from the villa, our people are in overhauling the new security measurements”

Looking out to sea Jake did a quick turn to ensure we were alone.

“I have a new device for you but will give it you later; I’ll show you how it operates”

Jake was quiet as if contemplating the niftiness of the new device.

“How are you by the way...? Is everything alright?”

“I’m ok, getting to grips with my role but a bit anxious to be honest... you know about the unknown peeping tom”

“Don’t worry Crystal it won’t happen again, I have nothing else to report at this time except all is up to par. Family are happy but... we may have a problem on our return, the senator has to get back to the U.S. the family will stay at the villa until further notice”

“I'll remain with family?” I whispered looking around.

“Yes, senator will have his own pre-arranged security but there’s a major problem with air space... because of this damn volcano in Iceland and its suffocating ash”

Silence enveloped us again when a voice shouted...

“Come on you two, your dinner's being served”

Without looking, I knew it was Eric... looking around for the umpteenth time, I muttered

“Jake would you like to discuss anything else?”

A curtain of uncertainty covered Jakes eyes...

“No... Nothing else, except Crystal keep your wits about you, even at sea the family are at risk”

As we walked towards the dining area, Jake touched my arm,

“Oh before I forget Crystal, I’ll be calling later with that new device”

Dinner was a wonderful experience; we were joined by the senator and his lovely wife who was still excited just like her delightful children, both by the journey we were on and its unknown destination. The senator was talking to the guys about Tiger woods and Golf, Kristina and I laughed then yawned.

“Well if you’ll excuse me” I said “It’s been another long day, I need to get to bed”

“Of course Crystal” Kristina cried “You have worked so hard, the children will no doubt be up nice and early tomorrow... Is 6.30am ok?”

“Yes that’s absolutely fine, goodnight everybody”

A chorus of goodnights blew up from the dining room table. I caught a fleeting glimpse of Eric’s green eyes and witnessed his silent smile, again I felt the bump, bump, bump of my thumping heart...


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