Monday, 5 April 2010

Domestic Service. Decisions....

Friday 2/04/10. The Call...

Sitting relaxed with feet up, drinking lukewarm tea with a mindful of thoughts, I heard an unfamiliar ring sending me rushing towards my handbag. I knew it had to be Jake with the decision.


“Crystal its Jake, the news is good... I'll collect you at 9.30am, be ready

“That’s very welcome news, I...” before I completed my sentence the phone clicked, he was gone.

“How rude” I admonished to myself.

Saturday 3/04/10. The Journey...

The following day, the return journey to the Villa was quietly strained.

“Are the family waiting for me” I asked hesitantly

“No, they’re out but it was by their instruction you were to be on site by the time they returned”

Up ahead the triple gates moved... driving through, I watched two security guys respectively salute towards Jake.

“Where’s Eric” I enquired.

“He’s applying security measures to the property today” I detected a distinct irritation in his demeanour.

Nervous, I felt a little edgy about asking further questions.

“Will I be briefed before the family return?”

“Of course... for now you'll be shown to your room, we will meet in the dining room at 11.30am, before the family return”

Helped to my room which was situated on the ground floor behind the huge kitchen, I was pleasantly surprised at the opulence of my quarters which although not massive... did have en suite with a stunning four poster bed, so I felt extravagantly pampered.

11.30am sharp found me in the dining room, waiting for Jake who I felt was acting unnecessarily distant.

“Sorry I’m late" he smiled "was waiting for Eric to return from his task... I needed further recommendations on his findings”

Looking at Jake I realised I may never fathom the guy out, one second distant the next friendly... possibly one of the most unpredictable people I would ever meet.

“No problem” I gently breathed.

“Ok, Crystal the family will arrive at 2.00pm you are to relax, get to know them especially concentrating on the children... this weekend will be spent getting to know each other... On Monday you’ll commence duties at 6.30am where you'll be expected to get the children ready once they wake... You’ll prepare their breakfast, wash and dress them unless otherwise instructed by parents... Occasionally they sleep till 8.00am but as long as you’re available”.

Jake sat down and pointed to a chair.

“Parents are the ones who for the most part will instruct you but you and I will meet occasionally to catch up... should you suspect something, anything... you know the procedure”

Jakes constant stare made me feel uncomfortable.

“You passed your interview with flying colours, it must be noted that the senator was very well impressed, particularly at the impression you made on his wife and children... It should be said the children even asked for you this morning”

I felt the glow start in my toes and end on the top of my head, just as I had planned... a connection.

“The senator is confident his family have taken you into their hearts and as far as I’m concerned that’s a good thing, just what the service hoped for... well-done”

“Thank you” I gushed

“May I ask how many staff is employed for the Villa?” I queried.

“Yes, the Villa retains a number of staff; 2 maids to assist each other with cleaning... a house-keeper who supervises the maids and cook. Cook also has a maid who assists her in the kitchen and with cooking duties... There‘s an old gardener who is constantly around, he lives in a small dwelling not far from the edge of the property... There are 4 members of security, three you’ve seen... In time I’ll introduce them all to you but for now you must concentrate on our focal point and keep in mind the reason your here”

We were disturbed by a young Spanish maid when the door was pushed opened ...

“Senour, would you like a cup of tea?” Jake’s irritation re-surfaced...

“Crystal would you like tea?”

“Yes that would be very nice” I smiled at the maid as she about turned.

For the first time today I felt truly happy... content in the knowledge I was well on my way to a new life... my instant family had more then doubled... Sitting at the dining room table, I couldn’t wait for the senator and his family to return.

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