Monday, 12 April 2010

6. Domestic Service... Connections...

Remember I don’t make the rules I only enforce them...

Thursday 8/04/10 am.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday went without any hitches... lots of connections made via bridge-building from all quarters of the senator’s household.

There seemed to be an unspoken hush between all staff members, it felt right it should remain that way. The senator and his family were delightful, warm caring individuals who welcomed me eagerly into their lives. It actually felt like I belonged with them. This improved my job; if I were truly honest it made the planned task easier.

The early mornings and late-nights were painless; in fact I couldn’t wait to get on the job with my own clear-cut knowledge of duty. Jake was amazing in that his organisational skills and communication chapters were informative. Still he was flat, unemotional but I knew clearly there would be no chance of us not getting it right, especially if our fields of communication were kept at this standard and with him at the helm. I for one felt happy.

At the last meet I’d been given a very special if somewhat complicated device. This would quickly allow me to instruct and advise all other special agents within the vicinity. It was literally one press of a button but only once a specific code had been infused with in its framework. I can’t be too graphic with this sensitive material because these things are lethal in the wrong hands. I can share the gadget had many other uses... all of which I felt were very clever and looking at the small device, I knew to the layman it would appear incomprehensible as to what it was for.

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