Monday, 17 August 2009

Time stands still.......

I have many favourite photographs...... Clicking that button gives time permission to stand still. Captured in a memory forever..............

These gorgeous images represent a very special time in my life. Its October 2008.... We were fortunate enough to be able to spend 2 whole weeks in Portugal. So many pictures were taken. Meticulously stored to the computer, then to ipod for back up.... So many precious memory's together with special times... Which by the way brings me right back to one of the reasons I wanted to write this short piece ... Since starting to write It's come to my attention the space you're in, including the space you use is really important. Maybe some writers are able to write anywhere........ I have discovered, if I have a room with a view then my writing flows easily and has depth, it also displays a full heart of feeling.... When I'm at home, I write facing an enormous evergreen tree that stands approximately 20ft in my garden, its magnificent, full, thick and lush ....

A few years ago when my man and I started travelling to Scotland, I first thought about the importance of views which included how they made you feel. We booked our B&B which is wonderfully located on the beach.... I will never forget the first time I walked into the guests lounge/dining room... Its rich colours and texture were complimented by the most beautiful traditional mahogany furniture. With eyes wide open taking in every tiny detail, I knew for the first time in my life I was actually standing inside a room I had only dreamed about.....Warm wonderful family pictures hung proudly.... everything pristine, including a stunning bay-window. Its wide, full length ceiling to floor overlooked a picturesque view of the sea. I clearly recall how I proclaimed to my other half "if I sat infront of a view like this, I know my ideas would be boundless"

One day... my dream, to be able to sit with my desk pointing towards the sea, mountains and trees to the right and left of me. Being a visual person, I know without a doubt that would be the answer to my own heaven... Well come on.... we can all dream can't we? Making the dream a reality is the key and one day I will do just that ... You watch!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Thought For Today.... Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Saw this wonderful thought... I knew it would make you chuckle.... After my last article I feel its totally appropriate because on reflection I dont like to be negative, my feelings today are thankfully much more positive... I have lots to catch up on this weekend.. housework.... friends.... shopping.... Oh yes and my much loved writing.... so as a follow on from 'This Week's Thoughts' just letting you know, all is calm in the brain of AngelJanesWorld... Ha... Not feeling sorry for myself today; I will keep that quality skill for the ones who really need it... Enjoy the joke I will be back soon!!!

Friday, 14 August 2009

This weeks thoughts :-)

Hello everybody. This wonderful picture just about sums up my week... at one time I even caught up with my-self then I watched as I past at what felt like 100miles an hour.

Work wise again, its been mad busy! Dont get me wrong, I like to be busy but to be honest it's getting to the point where there aren’t enough hours in a day. I've discovered recently I'm that weary, I fall into bed earlier and earlier, I’m asleep before I know it... Sooooooo as you can see the week has mostly been about work, work, work... My groan today and I have a few, is that again I haven’t actually had any special quality sit down time to type up my mountainous scribbles from my informative pad..... With regards to NADYA.... the story is almost complete.... I’m writing the last chapter.. it’s so exciting. I would love to be able to have the luxury of typing my notes up sooner rather than later.

I was really annoyed with myself this week..... It was my lovely friends birthday and because of work commitments and being honest my own time management.... I didn't get her present in time, so the slotted visit I had planned, didnt go ahead which made me sad..... See you this weekend my gorgeous mate and will make it up to you!

This morning I had a Drs Appointment ... I’ve not been feeling too clever for a while. I had to go for the results and was alarmed to hear I have a fatty Liver???? I was very quick to tell the Dr I thought that particular complaint was an alcoholic’s problem. She said not at all, it’s also a condition that can be due to someone being overweight, so yet again I’m on the merry go round of researching into my latest infliction and hopefully finding the best possible prevention or treatment so that it won’t get worse.... Between you and me it made me feel a bit down but after a brief look on the internet it certainly explains my long standing symptom of being hot all the time and very tired.... HEY GIVE ME A KICK.... it’s not that bad, its not the worst thing to happen... I must try to be really positive and remember there’s worse things that happen in this world ....

Sat here, writing my thoughts I know deep down I’m a very lucky lady..... My life is full, I'm happy... I have a wonderful family and brilliant friends who write, text, phone and visit me. I'm just feeling sorry for myself, take no notice... I've got nothing to worry about.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

The thought for this week.....

I saw this cracker on my travels... I have to admit to you I laughed sooooo much.... I just knew I wanted to share it... What a great joke! Something that shakes up (serotonin) like this... you know those feel-good chemicals .... has got to be good.

My week has been very busy both at work and home. My writing on the other hand has unfortunately taken a back seat, which is becoming increasingly difficult for me to live with. I love writing. Strangely enough my thoughts and feelings along with the plots, storylines and characters dont go away just because I dont have the time to write.... they continue to knock, knock, knock on my brain, demanding to be written... So I scribble my thoughts on a special pad, at a later date I go through it gathering the information and making some sort of sense out of it.... At the moment I am working on NADYA... this seems to be turning into much more than a short story, its becoming a novelette... I'm loving the ideas and thoughts about her. My beautiful russian peasant girl, things have developed big time for her character especially since you last peeked a glimpse into her life. Even I love re-reading it time and time again when editing... and re-editing..... its developing brilliantly. At the minute I'm really happy with its progress....

Now what else has happened? Oh yes, earlier on this week I heard a rat-tat-tat on the door.... it was the postman making a very late delivery... It was a book Doug had ordered for me from Amazon... The New 2010 writers Market, I was so excited and yes I'm totally hoping its going to point me in the right direction of finding out new ideas and ways of getting into the writers world etc. I have four projects in competition, I know clearly I wont hear until Oct - Nov 09.
Please note: I am not being negative when I share this with you, I am preparing myself for rejection. I think this is my own protection mode.... If I manage to secure an acceptance I will be totally ecstatic and will have no choice but to take my family & friends out to celebrate.

Work has been a little bit more mad than usual. The least said about that the better..... but I will say this... I love my team, they are the best colleagues on this planet. They all at different times have this uncanny knack and ability to lift me up when I least expect it... Thats why I'm still there!!!! Despite, recently being propositioned... All I can say is this, if I ever left my team, it would have to be for an outstanding post....

My beautiful girl has just secured a job ... one that she is very happy about... then would you adam an eve it... two further invites for apprenticeships fall on her mat this morning making her smile so thats a work in progress and will keep you posted.... I love to see her smile.... :)