Saturday, 8 August 2009

The thought for this week.....

I saw this cracker on my travels... I have to admit to you I laughed sooooo much.... I just knew I wanted to share it... What a great joke! Something that shakes up (serotonin) like this... you know those feel-good chemicals .... has got to be good.

My week has been very busy both at work and home. My writing on the other hand has unfortunately taken a back seat, which is becoming increasingly difficult for me to live with. I love writing. Strangely enough my thoughts and feelings along with the plots, storylines and characters dont go away just because I dont have the time to write.... they continue to knock, knock, knock on my brain, demanding to be written... So I scribble my thoughts on a special pad, at a later date I go through it gathering the information and making some sort of sense out of it.... At the moment I am working on NADYA... this seems to be turning into much more than a short story, its becoming a novelette... I'm loving the ideas and thoughts about her. My beautiful russian peasant girl, things have developed big time for her character especially since you last peeked a glimpse into her life. Even I love re-reading it time and time again when editing... and re-editing..... its developing brilliantly. At the minute I'm really happy with its progress....

Now what else has happened? Oh yes, earlier on this week I heard a rat-tat-tat on the door.... it was the postman making a very late delivery... It was a book Doug had ordered for me from Amazon... The New 2010 writers Market, I was so excited and yes I'm totally hoping its going to point me in the right direction of finding out new ideas and ways of getting into the writers world etc. I have four projects in competition, I know clearly I wont hear until Oct - Nov 09.
Please note: I am not being negative when I share this with you, I am preparing myself for rejection. I think this is my own protection mode.... If I manage to secure an acceptance I will be totally ecstatic and will have no choice but to take my family & friends out to celebrate.

Work has been a little bit more mad than usual. The least said about that the better..... but I will say this... I love my team, they are the best colleagues on this planet. They all at different times have this uncanny knack and ability to lift me up when I least expect it... Thats why I'm still there!!!! Despite, recently being propositioned... All I can say is this, if I ever left my team, it would have to be for an outstanding post....

My beautiful girl has just secured a job ... one that she is very happy about... then would you adam an eve it... two further invites for apprenticeships fall on her mat this morning making her smile so thats a work in progress and will keep you posted.... I love to see her smile.... :)

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