Friday, 14 August 2009

This weeks thoughts :-)

Hello everybody. This wonderful picture just about sums up my week... at one time I even caught up with my-self then I watched as I past at what felt like 100miles an hour.

Work wise again, its been mad busy! Dont get me wrong, I like to be busy but to be honest it's getting to the point where there aren’t enough hours in a day. I've discovered recently I'm that weary, I fall into bed earlier and earlier, I’m asleep before I know it... Sooooooo as you can see the week has mostly been about work, work, work... My groan today and I have a few, is that again I haven’t actually had any special quality sit down time to type up my mountainous scribbles from my informative pad..... With regards to NADYA.... the story is almost complete.... I’m writing the last chapter.. it’s so exciting. I would love to be able to have the luxury of typing my notes up sooner rather than later.

I was really annoyed with myself this week..... It was my lovely friends birthday and because of work commitments and being honest my own time management.... I didn't get her present in time, so the slotted visit I had planned, didnt go ahead which made me sad..... See you this weekend my gorgeous mate and will make it up to you!

This morning I had a Drs Appointment ... I’ve not been feeling too clever for a while. I had to go for the results and was alarmed to hear I have a fatty Liver???? I was very quick to tell the Dr I thought that particular complaint was an alcoholic’s problem. She said not at all, it’s also a condition that can be due to someone being overweight, so yet again I’m on the merry go round of researching into my latest infliction and hopefully finding the best possible prevention or treatment so that it won’t get worse.... Between you and me it made me feel a bit down but after a brief look on the internet it certainly explains my long standing symptom of being hot all the time and very tired.... HEY GIVE ME A KICK.... it’s not that bad, its not the worst thing to happen... I must try to be really positive and remember there’s worse things that happen in this world ....

Sat here, writing my thoughts I know deep down I’m a very lucky lady..... My life is full, I'm happy... I have a wonderful family and brilliant friends who write, text, phone and visit me. I'm just feeling sorry for myself, take no notice... I've got nothing to worry about.

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