Saturday, 24 April 2010

9. Domestic Service... Dolphins, Children & Dreams...

After having the most wonderful sleep with creamy delicious dreams on board a slow moving boat, happily I wondered how my day would unfold but before any of that, I had to quickly rise and shine before two very excited children surfaced...

Busy In the kitchen cabin, I was joined by a very sleepy Kristina and two babbling children.

“You go back to bed Kristina” I admonished “I’ll sort the children out”

“Are you sure” she whispered hoarsely...

“Of course” I laughed pushing her gently backwards towards the galley door.

A few hours later found us washed, dressed and breakfasted... up on deck I had attached child friendly safety leads as well as securing their life jackets... It was fabulous to watch the joy on the children’s faces has we watched in awe the amazing dolphins. They jumped so high, we couldn’t believe our eyes. I had never seen such a sight, the children squealed so much their parents came running to see what all the commotion was about.

Even the captain appeared; stroking his silver chin, he looked over the side and stated he’d never seen as many dolphins. I decided to get my camera and quickly began clicking whilst those incredible creatures continued to follow the back of the boat.

The rest of our glorious sea journey a board ‘The Captains Delight’ went well. The family were having such a great time... there was lots of laughter, games and food with a Bar-B-Q. When it was time to set off back home, faces looked sad. I quickly realised Kristina and the children knew the senator had to return to the US. How that was going to happen was still a mystery with all the ash still pluming from the volcano, smothering the atmosphere and coating the skies.

“Crystal do we have to go back?” the children cried in unison.

“I’m afraid so but it’s not all bad, I’m planning a very special picnic “

two pairs of rounded blue eyes looked back in surprise.

“A special picnic?” giggles with happy faces ran full pelt towards their mother to inform her of their latest news.

The Boat seemed to be very busy... The captain, Eric and Jake seemed to be having a meeting... I was sat with Kristina deciding the best way to organise the rest of our week... the children sat next to their mother crayoning. I needed to be with the men, I had to know what their security plans were... I wanted to know how they were going to get the senator to the US... Yes, this time had been nice aboard ‘The Captains Delight’ but I think it’s time to return to the villa.

Jake looked over at me and winked.

Eric looked over too; he smiled in a long slow meaningful mused way...

I smiled at them both... finding it utterly exhilarating that every person on board didn’t know my special secret... Oh yes Jake knew I was a protective agent but... he didn’t know my special secret. Mind you, that’s the way it had to be...

A maid has to have some perks to the job!

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