Thursday, 6 May 2010

11. Domestic service... Dancing Secrets...

It's always just before we close our eyes that the best thoughts dance around in our head... My own thoughts never ending and my secrets swaddled softly within. If they emerged then push had come to shove it would then be the pusher who would be truly sorry...

Tuesday 13-04-10

The last few days have been long and drawn out the feeling amongst staff was very much that things have been unnecessarily complicated... but only because the senator needed to return to the states. Unfortunately the ash cloud was doing its worst in bringing the world to a complete standstill with many people being stuck and stranded. But I knew only to well, where there's a will there's a way!

Jake had called for a meeting to be held later in the afternoon, with the agenda being centred on bringing us all up to date with the senator’s household... its wants, its needs and importantly a current plan. Already I was aware of most of the issues, but Jake and Eric had more security alerts they needed to bring to the attention of all the domestics within the building. I must admit though, It was really good being back at the villa, the family had settled right back in.

The meeting was scheduled for 6.30pm to be held in the villas bright airy kitchen. To facilitate my attendance I had ensured the children were in bed. Walking into the kitchen I could see everyone was present apart from Eric, who apparently was making sure the two security guards were rightly stationed at the main gates. Given the lateness of the day, Jake decided to start.

Jake went through the normal security plan for the building, discussing exits, boundaries but he concentrated specifically on the person we were all calling the peeping tom, who had unfortunately made an appearance just prior to the families recent trip with the captain of ‘The Captains Delight’ a cruise everyone onboard had thoroughly enjoyed. Jake informed us the investigation was still ongoing but as yet nothing conclusive had been found, which he felt was worrying but nevertheless everyone was asked to be vigilante in observing their surroundings and ensuring anything suspicious is quickly reported. There was talk about the senator’s imminent departure for the states, despite the no air zone problem it was thought the senator would be leaving the day after tomorrow (Thurs) and it would be courtesy of the navy... it was imperative he return to the states. During the meeting I noticed Eric appeared and as usual he smiled taking his chair next to Jake. The rest of the meeting went well with an appearance from the senator who spent a few minutes talking to staff, he also confirmed he would be leaving to return to the states... looking towards me, he further spoke about his family remaining at the villa awaiting his return.

The rest of the staff left to be transported home. Jake asked me to stay behind. Whilst the others were organising themselves I put the kettle on and prepared to make coffee.

Ten minutes later I found myself sat with Jake who surprisingly whispered advising me the senator would not be leaving on Thursday; his departure was scheduled for tomorrow (Wed).

“I think Crystal you will understand the reason for that little in discrepancy.”

“We can’t be too careful “he winked.

I nodded, understanding perfectly.

“How’s the new gadget I gave you” Jake asked.

“Fine as far as I know, not used it yet but I wear it just in case”

On the last night of the cruise, Jake had given me a new gadget in the shape of a watch it was something that would be useful if I needed to call for help.

“Good let’s hope you won’t need it, but don’t forget it’s also a microphone and a mini camera which can be used without the need to call for help.”

The kitchen door gently pushed open, it was Eric.

“Right Jake, staff have gone and the building is secure.”

“Ok, pull up a chair and have a drink” Jake said pushing out a chair with his foot.

“Thanks but I was thinking of having something a bit stronger” he grinned.

“No problem, already ahead of you there” he got up and produced 3 glasses and a bottle of JD.

I needed to be careful here... as much as Jake and Eric knew the security and plan for the building and the family, Eric didn’t know I was a protective agent and the pair of them didn’t know I had special skills or anything about my specific qualities. My secrets are what make me special and my specialism is what makes me exclusive to this particular assignment.

“Penny for them” Jake said.

“Oh no problem Jake, was just thinking in view of my role I’m thinking of planning a nice picnic for the children and their mother but we'll discuss another time”

“Yep, sounds good to me.” he winked.

“Right I for one have to be up very early, with two little souls who don’t understand the difference between 6am or 6pm” I re-filled my coffee cup and left making my way to my room.

In my room I moved around double checking its interior and carefully opening its French windows, this is something I’ve always done since the peeping tom episode. The night was beautiful and the sky was fully lit by a full moon. I thought about my speciality and warmly embraced myself knowing my skills were always going to be indispensable to my work.

Locking the French windows I showered. Eventually I jumped into bed... sleepy now from being up since the crack of dawn, I relaxed thinking about my origins... In the darkness I silently thanked my parents for using their instinct as well as their clever knowledge in genetically modifying me, transforming me into what I am today. I knew and it was understood my skills would save the day, with that last cheerful thought; I fell willingly into the land of delicate dreams.

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