Tuesday, 18 May 2010

12. Domestic Service. Unacceptable Threat...

Oh if only I'd known what was going to happen on that particular day, at that particular time? I would have been well armed, as well as emotionally prepared. But if I say so myself... The way I dealt with the incident, was commendable!

Saturday 17th April 2010.

Getting the senator off on Wednesday was an absolute breeze; there was very little interference due to the hush-hush nature of his departure. The few days that followed were interesting with several meetings taking place, this due to the senator’s understandable anxiety on keeping us up to date with protocol. The senator also felt anxious about the isolation of his family. Isolation at times was a good thing but very occasionally it could be bad. Sometimes I would think, I should enlighten the senator... if only he knew who I was and what I could do, I was sure his fears would have disappeared in a heartbeat, he would clearly understand his family, would always be safe with me. But sometimes, we had to run with something’s and patiently wait to see if an appropriate opportunity presented itself to divulge the truth.

Anyway, back to reality...

Getting organised for the promised outing was easier said then done. We were looking forward to this weekend very much. As I’m sure you would understand, being confined for long periods of time within four walls despite our absolute luxury, could be telling on even the most placid person. I had made the strictest of arrangements with Jake and Eric, as well as the senator’s wife Kristina. We would all be going out to the local beach on Sunday. Domestic staff on duty that day would understand from instruction what we would need, in terms of picnic food hampers etc. I had arranged for beach games, sun umbrellas, towels, small fold away beach chairs and if possible some allotted beach space to make sure there was an area of space around the family in case of unidentified possibilities. I had requested Eric drive out to view the beach... I was still waiting for his report.

This afternoon I was with the family around the villa pool. Kristina as usual was happily babbling away telling Max aged 9yrs and Felicia 7yrs; it was only one more sleep before the beach picnic. Squeals of delight followed by splashes in the pool, before I promptly jumped in to play their favourite game of ball.

This evening I literally dropped into bed and happily realised just how much I was enjoying the experience of working with this lovely family. I’d gratefully received word that the senator was safe and well after arriving in the states to carry out his duties and today he had arrived in Minnesota as planned. I didn’t know that much about American politics, but I did know the senator believed Minnesota nurtures an extraordinarily successful society and it was his decision to promote that.

Despite profound tiredness, I tossed and turned uneasily finding the welcome blanket of sleep that usually overwhelms, persistently avoids me. My head became full of thoughts, twisting and turning throughout my mind in a chaotic fashion stopping me from drifting off. I felt uneasy, yet excited at the prospect of a day out for the family. Little did I know what was about to happen.

Dreamy darkness started its embrace as heavy lids began to fall.. Ah well my friend tomorrow is another day!

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