Wednesday, 26 May 2010

15. Domestic Service. Villains, Vermin and Vagabonds

The world is full of villains and just so you know, all of you make me sick... So whatever you do don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

Sunday 18th April 2010

Witnessing an exhausted Jake tumble into the villa's bright lemony kitchen, I instantly felt a deep inexplicable gratitude.


“I’ve contacted head office; because the incident is a serious threat to the safety of our assignment, we’re now on operation ‘mover’ extra patrols have been allocated on foot and by vehicle, providing extra security and assistance until we safely relocate”

With a pained expression Jake drew a deep breath.

“I’ve been assigned as lead investigator but at this moment in time and given the seriousness of the assault, my priority is to relocate the family”

Jake brushed bronze hands across a ruggedly handsome face, as if he was trying to simply eradicate the past 12 hours.

“I’ve already spoken briefly to the senator” he continued, “The senator is understandable concerned and extremely upset”

“I have to tell you Jake, Kristina called earlier asking for us both to catch up with her ASAP, I advised we would meet on your return.”

I gently pushed a hot cup of coffee towards him; his eyes gave away his anxiety for the operation.

“Kristina knows who we are” I said lamely.

“I'm aware of that the senator's already informed me, he also insisted he had no choice but to advise his wife in view of the situation and because of the imminent threat to himself and his family. Being a high profile politician has put him in a very vulnerable position; it appears unfortunately he’s been targeted due to his new status within the senate”

Time stood still for approximately 60 seconds.

“Right Crystal let’s get this action on the road, there’s a lot to organise”

Quickly draining the rest of my coffee I felt the boom, bang, bump within my chest. I realised... I was going to have to recall all my training for the continuation of this assignment.

Several hours later, the meeting with Kristina went as well as could have been expected. Jake advised her reassuringly everything that could be done was being done, obviously her concern was for getting her children and herself back to her husband in America.

The plan had been discussed and drawn up. Jake advised Kristina the plans would be confirmed by first light in the morning and hopefully the ash cloud would not interrupt travel plans. Kristina smiled for the first time since the incident.

“I have to tell you both I’m so grateful for your professionalism, I’m sure you will appreciate my anxiety in looking forward to a speedy confirmation of our travel plans tomorrow and consequently in the hope of this I’m going to pack our things this evening in preparation"

Jake and I watched as Kristina walked away fighting back her emotional tears from re-surfacing.

“Jake, I’ll go and help Kristina, if you need me don’t hesitate”

“I have much to do” he responded, “You help organise Kristina, the operation will be moving ahead tomorrow.

Walking swiftly after the senator’s wife my mind was much further ahead than packing a few cases and organising a family and its domestic service staff to relocate. It went much further... There was the journey, the destination and our safe arrival. Much was happening, little did I realise the determination of one of Americas darkest threats.

Unfortunately, I've discovered there are many fanatics out there...


in this great big wide world of ours, who disproportionately believe the United States is the cause of their people’s problems, so International terrorism is a very real possible and immediate threat.

But the same question persistently cruised around doing complete circles within my brain...

Why target a newly instated senator and his family? In due course the answer to this question is what we would eventually find out...

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