Sunday, 23 May 2010

14. Domestic Service... Hell Hath No Fury.

Watching Kristina's tears fall silently I realised... Hell hath no fury like a mother whose efforts to protect her children are thwarted, consequently endangering her precious offspring... On my journey back to the villa, little did I know what we were all in for?

Sunday the 18th April 2010 continued:

I remained shell shocked from the experience on the beach, my thoughts now returning to the aftermath of the terrible incident. What was going on? ... Who the hell was that on the beach? I was more than eager for Jake to return as soon as possible, obviously after he had helped the Spanish police with their enquires. Come to think of it we had some serious investigating of our own to do.

On our return, Eric rushed off to initiate a security meeting and to wait for Jakes return. Graciana had most things in order. The thing I soon discovered on locating the family was the raw emotion they were feeling. Kristina along with her children was in the family room, appropriately on the phone to the senator. The children looked sad; Kristina’s silent tears cascaded down a lovely but concerned face, her voice broke with emotion about the incident and of her fears. Unseen, I backtracked out the door heading towards the kitchen to give the family some privacy.

I felt the stirrings of my own of tears; I needed to relax, to remain calm for the job ahead. In the sunny kitchen I put the kettle on and prepared to make a large pot of coffee.

Graciana approached me with tremendous emotion she wrapped her arms around me.

“Are you ok Graciana” I asked gently.

“Si” she replied “Hemos tenido un susto muy mal en la playa”

Heading for the bubbling coffee pot I sympathised agreeing wholeheartedly, that we’d all received a terrible fright.

Pouring my coffee I offered Graciana one, swiping away tears she declined then left the kitchen. Sitting like a stone statue deep in thought, I gripped my coffee cup ... I jumped as Kristina came into the kitchen.

“There you are Crystal, I wonder if you could spare a few moments?”

“Of course Kristina, I was just waiting for Jake to return from helping the police”

Sitting opposite me Kristina involuntary sobbed.

“Crystal I want to thank you for what you did today”

I went to speak but Kristina held her hand up motioning for me to wait.

“Today has frightened me beyond repair, I have spoken with the senator and I’ve informed him I want to return with the children to America where I will feel safe”

I painfully observed Kristina as she tried to brush away her overwhelming sadness.

“When Jake returns I would like to speak with you both further, the senator was adamant that he would want you in particular to accompany the children and I on our return journey and if I could also say Crystal, after what I witnessed today I would also rest a little easier knowing we were under you’re care”

“Kristina I don’t have a problem with anything you have discussed, as soon as Jake returns we will come and see you”

“Thank you Crystal”

“Where are the children?” I asked.

“They’re drawing with Graciana, the children are sad but I know they didn’t witness the possible horrendous incident, I’m the one traumatised just knowing what could have potentially happened”

“When Jake returns, we will arrange a meeting to finalise the agenda and then confirm the plan”

“Thanks again Crystal, I’m truly grateful for your expertise, over the last few hours I have realised your cover is perfect and although I’ve had my suspicions for some time, they have just been confirmed by the senator who really had no other choice but to tell me exactly who you all are”

Kristina took a moment to compose her-self before she continued.

“I hold great comfort in the fact my husband had our best interests at heart, but that doesn’t mean to say I think he made the best choice for us”

With that, she touched my shoulder and left the kitchen.

Sitting in the same statue like position... holding a now cold cup of coffee, my mind fervently alive with a thousand thoughts...

Me... Us... You... America?

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