Monday, 31 May 2010

16 Domestic Service... A Journey of dreams.

Motivation, inspiration and ambition... Key ingredients to accompany us on a journey of dreams... It helps to be in the right place at the right time. Let me share something with you... for me, that time is NOW. Please understand, I'll continue to remain loyal, steadfast and completely encased within the growing spiral of strength that revolves around my dreams... Important message for your own safety... "Do not forget, whatever happens don't mess with me or my family"

Monday 19th April 2010

The agenda on the list today was phenomenal. On a positive note the packing is done. Leaning against the kitchen’s counter, sipping my fourth cup of coffee I hear Kristina and the children’s screams of laughter. Outside they’re soaking up glorious Spanish sunshine and swimming happily in the villa’s magnificent pool. I’m deep in thought and waiting patiently for Jake to return from making this evening’s final arrangements for our journey.

Poor Jake I thought, awake for most of the night... making vital, final arrangements. I think he managed to get an hour’s sleep. At the early morning meeting, Jake informed us we would be leaving the villa at 8.30pm sharp... A private jet will be waiting and our estimated time of arrival in the USA would be 5.30am. At our final destination there will be a fresh turnover of staff. The American government feel under the circumstances this is advisable. Immediately I asked if that meant our services would be no longer needed. Jake's response,

“No, Crystal, your services will be on going from a direct request made by the senator”

Ok, what about you and Eric?”

“Our roles will be over once we touch down; they have their own security blanket, this will come into effect on touchdown”

For the first time during the job, I felt stabbed by an overwhelming sadness. There and then it hit me; Jake had become my security blanket.

Jake and Eric entered the kitchen bringing me out of my thoughtful state...

“Any more coffee in the pot” Eric smiled rubbing his hands together.

“Everything’s on track, we just need to keep moral up” Jake said “Graciana is no longer required”

Both men downed their coffee and with a final catch-up they left. Still leaning on the kitchens counter, I embraced flimsy thoughts of having to reluctantly talk to Graciana. She was on duty later this afternoon; I would gently break the news to her then.

The day and its events fly by without too much trouble. Kristina appears to be back to her old self and her delightful children are as happy as before. After my little chat with Graciana, I find myself wishing I was on board the plane and getting on with the next part of the journey. Before I knew where the day had gone it found us safely within Palma airport, boarding an exquisite private jet. The children very tired because it's well past their bed-time. Once on board Kristina and I settled them calmly. We then relaxed, watching the never ending load of cases disappear beneath the plane.

“Crystal Just think, I’m going to be reunited with the senator in a few hours” twisting her wedding band around her finger the light in Kristina’s eyes shone brightly.

“I’m looking forward to seeing America” I replied.

“Have you been before?”

“No” I said “Never, but I’ve always wanted to visit”

We are interrupted briefly as Jake and Eric board the plane along with the most recent member of our team. A CIA agent who’d arrived earlier. The agent introduced as Jonathon possessed an athletic build, 6ft 2” tall with the darkest hair and olive skin... I observed him to be very good looking. His persona though came across as rather aloof.

All seated and belted in, the engines start up... Our captain came through the speaker system talking about the journey ahead, weather expectations, also giving a little chat about the ash cloud and how fortunately at this moment in time it wasn’t affecting the United States and this was because of the wind and its direction.

Leaning back in my comfy seat I got a sense of relief from within our enclosed space. Closing my eyes I think about the next few days... A shiver of excitement coursed through me and I know this is going to be a journey... my journey of dreams. Yes, I know... it’ll be hard work and at times stressful, especially in terms of the role I play... but who wouldn’t love this particular career? I know there’ll be good times ahead... As the plane leaves the runway I know I'll continue my faithful service with the family. It will be a good experience. It’s just sad I have to leave Jake and Eric behind.

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