Tuesday, 18 May 2010

13. Domestic Service. Missing the Senator...

If someone would have said... today will end in tears, I'd definitely have cancelled the beach date... Rearranging a further date with the hope; disappointment for everyone wouldn’t be too much. So sit back and listen to what happens on a beautiful day and how the day changed the course for a family and their future...

The journey to the beach took approximately 45mins; the children’s chatter seemed to be non-stop they couldn’t wait to get there and every now and then we heard the distinct words,

“Are we there yet?”

This inevitably managed to get a giggle from passengers in the vehicle.

I was more than aware of the very strict protocol. The plan was in place. Security was accommodated in and around the beach as well as the local area. On board we had Kristina, her two children, Eric and of course Jake, myself and Graciana, the extra nanny who often accompanied us. I was determined the family were going to have a great day, they were missing the senator and the last few days had been a little glum.

Treading onto soft silvery sand, I customarily scanned the area ensuring nothing unusual was going on. I insisted within the vehicle that the children and their mother did not wander off; Kristina obviously aware of the unit’s safety nodded, then she pulled her children closer whilst we set up chairs, tables, towels along with buckets and spades. The children began digging immediately, it was then I observed their mother gently smiling. I also saw a look in her eyes, the look of sadness.

“You ok Kristina?” I asked as quietly as I could.

Smiling, she whispered sadly.


But, I knew she wasn’t... she was feeling the stress of the separation from her husband and today had brought home the raw fact she and her children were being protected. Life for her wasn’t normal, it never could be.

I looked towards the rolling hills which were quite close to the beach. I was on the lookout to ensure security was present, but the more I looked the less I saw. My attention spun round when I then heard the loud roar from a speed boat; my focus quickly diverted out to sea. For some reason I was beginning to feel uneasy.

Jake approached me,

“You ok?”

“Not sure” I said looking around again.

I quickly brought chairs, tables and sun umbrellas closer to the family as they built sand castles.

Eric approached us.

“All plans in action” he mumbled as he fiddled with his walkie-talkie.

I nodded, just about to kneel down by the children when I saw the glint of steel, it was in motion moving towards us. The person holding it had emerged from the sea, throwing what looked like a wet suit onto the sand... every nerve started to scream out to me.

“Jake, move the family”

Jake and Eric moved like a pair of bullets. Graciana although she had not been asked, firmly grabbed Kristina and the children and moved with precision towards the approaching officers. As I presented myself in front of the tables and chairs, I heard a surprised protest from little Felicia who didn’t understand what was going on but I saw from the look of her mother’s face, she did. I watched several armed men move down from the hills which indicated to me they had also seen the problem and its weapon. I began walking towards the man, who was now striding towards me. He blatantly held on to the gun and I realised this was the moment I had waited for... with a flick of my head, I turned to the left to ensure the family were out of his line of fire. I turned back to see the individual rushing towards me... I knew Jake was coming, I'd heard him call for me to drop and roll. I was going to but only once I was nearer to my target. I had no doubt I could take this guy down... My secret was going to be revealed but still I would have preferred that not to happen... I was first and foremost a protective agent, my assignment was in danger so I had to get on with it and not hold back... Closer to the runner now, I watched as he brought his hand up, the silver glinted and it was then I observed the top half of his body was covered and taped with a bomb, the glinting silver in his hand was not a gun, it was a trigger... In the back-ground I heard the urgency in Jake's voice but I knew, even if I did drop and roll as requested this piece of scum would try taking me with him... without question I knew what had to be done...

I shouted for Jake to keep back... running I knew I’d have to literally fly through the air, grab his hand keeping the detonator depressed and run into the sea with him. Would this work? Let’s find out.

I sensed adrenaline pulsating through my system; its process had commenced and my speed had revved making my feet leave soft white sand. There was no time to think, my heart now racing at an amazing rate, ensured secret skills were about to materialise... The process enabled me to grab the individuals hand without him even blinking... I grabbed him using extra hyped up energy and I lifted him off his feet while running faster than I’d ever felt myself run before... was this because never before had my secret been fully exposed to the full momentum of flooding adrenaline. It took seconds but I was able to run into the sea, throw him with superhuman strength and run back on to the beach. I heard rather than saw an almighty explosion and the water appeared to reach for the sky.

When I opened my eyes I saw Jake and Eric looking right back at me.

“What the hell was that” Jake said, concern etching his rugged features.

Lifting his walkie-talkie Eric screeched for someone to get an ambulance.

It was then I saw blood, my blood. Looking up at Jake I mumbled an apology and tried to reassure him I was ok.

“You stupid girl” was all Jake could say “What the bloody hell were you thinking of”

“Jake seriously I’m fine” I pushed myself up and examined myself to see where the blood was coming from. The explosion had penetrated my right leg and the gash was significant...

“Watch Jake, watch” I insisted.

Jake held me; Eric knelt down wanting to see for himself.

Both looked at me and then looked at themselves. They did not believe what they were seeing and as I watched incredible disbelief cross over both concerned faces, I smiled realising for the first time they really cared for me. As the gaping wound miraculously healed...

“What the F***” they both said in unison.

“It’s ok, honest” I looked towards the back of the beach... Both vehicles had left which meant the family were safe and so was my secret.

“Guys, can we please keep this to ourselves” I asked.

Jake started moving his hand over my leg.

Eric just sat back on his haunches.

“I think you’ll both be happy to hear, I’m indestructible”

“Where the hell did they get you from” Jake said pinching my skin.

“Well between the three of us, as well as being indestructible I’m also super human”

“But how” Eric asked

“I’ve been genetically modified” I explained further as I stood up.

Eric’s walkie-talkie burst into life.

“Yeah Mike, tell the senator’s wife all is well here we’ll be back shortly”

“How come I wasn’t told about this” Jake demanded.

“Because Jake it isn’t well known, it was my own little secret”

“Well young lady the next time I say drop and roll you damn well do it”

“Sorry Jake, no can do”

“WHAT” he cried.

“Think about it, if I would have followed that particular order, he’d have put you all in danger, I clearly saw the detonator already depressed in his hand”

Waiting for Jake to recover, I played with the beautiful soft sand with my foot.

“I will always follow orders Jake, you know that”

We all looked up as an ambulance and police car pulled up.

“I have so many question Crystal” Jake exclaimed running his fingers through damp hair.

“That ok, I have all the answers, but can we go please go for coffee and check on the family” I asked.

“Eric you two get back to the villa, I’ll stay to help with their enquiries”

Walking towards the road I turned around, Jake stared after me so I smiled... he did something he very rarely does... he smiled back.

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