Thursday, 5 August 2010

23. Domestic Service. Interviews...

Hi remember me?

I’ve been thinking... I simply cannot believe how much my life has changed over the past twelve months. In that period of time the whole of my being has metamorphosed... I mean, my physical appearance has remained the same but clearly my parents scientific magic's taken place within my DNA and it's structure so, when I think about it... the miracle never ceases to amaze me... My confidence has also gone from strength to strength. People in my life right now need my support and protection. But each and every day, I fear the real me is quite possibly on the verge of becoming visible... It’s getting harder to conceal my true identity! Nevertheless, I must... If it gets out life will never be the same... and neither would my clients!

Tues 3rd August 2010

I constantly ask myself where time goes. Over the last month the schedule and it's activity within the senator’s residence, has travelled ahead of us all at approximately 100miles an hour. A great deal to tell you... So much to share! Only of course if it’s deemed suitably appropriate. You do remember don’t you that I cannot reveal everything...

Let me think where we were last time I spoke... I recall certain interviews were about to take place. The senator and his wife Kristina had asked for us to interview domestic staff for the residence. Oh yes the children were about to finish school for their summer holidays... then there was that awful incident with the intruder who had god knows what on his mind... given the frightening items uncovered in his car. It turned out he suffers from schizophrenia and has been indefinitely detained.

My days have been full and the lonely night’s empty. Security's been on full alert to the possibility of a looming attack... All agencies have pulled together; this is always of paramount importance for an assignment to be successful.

Looking at my watch I realise with a knee jerking jolt, I shouldn’t be here... In that moment the kitchen door opens...

“Crystal, quickly the first applicant’s are arriving”

Jumping up, heart hammering followed by that strange breathlessness I always seem to experience when Jake is around... in the interview room, it ceases when the first applicant sits down... She's here for the cook’s position, but going by first impression's I know I wouldn't let her near a boiled kettle, never mind a cooked meal... Jake glances over, in his eyes I see that mischievous twinkle, it shows me he's thinking the very same thing... breaking away from his magnetic gaze I hear Kristina kindly say...

“Yes Maria thank you, we’ll be in touch”

In the room we all looked at one another...

“Is this what it’s going to be like” I ask already feeling despondent.

“Yes unfortunately Crystal but we have to persevere, I need to get our domestic situation organised before the holiday” she nods to the administrative officer to show the next one in.

My first instinct was to think Rosa lee was going to be the same as Maria... she was about 50yrs old with salt and pepper hair which in it's day must have been as black as coal. Her eyes black as her hair radiated warmth, but I only sensed this once she'd relaxed into the interview.

Rosa lee turned out to be a great character. From her work history, she’d only ever had one job. I could tell from Kristina’s reaction that this was a good point. Rosa lee appeared open and honest, she was also a mother and grandmother... Unfortunately her husband had died several years ago from a heart attack and she lived local. Kristina finally asked if she would be willing to live in, Rosa lee replied this would not be a problem because her children had grown and although she saw them regularly, she had no other commitments. Kristina advised Rosa lee she would be in touch.

As Rosa lee’s tiny frame left the room an impenetrable silence followed. Jake and I waited for Kristina to give us her verdict.

“I like her, I really like her” Kristina sighed.

“Maybe today won’t be a complete waste of time after all”

“I agree with you, there was something warm and comforting about her”

“Maybe it’s because she’s a grandmother” Jake interjected.

“Well I want information with discreet enquiries made as soon as possible, if my instincts are right, Rosa lee will to be our next cook. Let’s arrange a second interview when her references come in”

Uplifted, the interviews commenced. We had one more applicant for the cook’s position and several more for the maids and another couple for the nanny position.

The door opened, the next applicant walked in.

“Hello my names Orenda “

“Please sit down Orenda, that’s an unusual name, what does it mean?”

“It a Native American name and means ‘magic power’” nervously, she smiled at the three of us.

Again ten minutes into her interview, I totally warmed to Orenda; she came across as genuine, consistent. She knew her stuff about cooking. Her previous place of work had lasted 15years. To her dismay employment ended because her employers were emigrating. They begged her to go with them but she reported although there was nothing to keep her in America, she was born here and didn’t really want to live anywhere else.

After an intense 45 minute interview, Kristina’s final question as Orenda prepared to leave... she asked, if she would be prepared to live-in. Just before the door clicked shut her answer, a resounding yes of course it would be her pleasure.

“Right then" Kristina laughed "that’s the cook interviews over. I really like both Rosa lee and Orenda, if they check out they will both be hired.”

Turning in her chair, Kristina smiled in our direction.

“Right panel next on our agenda, the maids”

Kristina called for the next applicant to be shown in...

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