Sunday, 22 August 2010

25. Domestic Service. Jake...

When Crystal Slater thought back to the time when she was a little girl, she couldn't help but consider herself to be very fortunate... warm memories of doting parents and how they loved to arrange the very best family holidays. Crystal remembered how her parents felt strongly about the importance of families getting to spend quality time together... This is why Crystal’s thoughts were very clear when helping the senator’s wife arrange the family vacation. But before that happens, there are a few little problems to iron out...

Sunday 15th August 2010.

It’s been two long weeks since the domestic service interviews. Phone calls organised and references gratefully received.

Decisions on who to employ and who not too, have also been clarified.

A formal job offer has been forwarded to Miss Taylor Craven aged 24yrs, for the post of maid.

A further job offer went to Miss Emily Hart age 30yrs for the Nanny role and the two cook's positions went to Rosa Lee age 50yrs and Orenda Winters aged 48yrs. All four women received the highest praise along with impeccable recommendations from previous employers.

The senator and his wife appear suitably pleased with progress. Today Kristina messaged in to remind me to keep the ball rolling. It’s getting very close to the holidays due date. The new members of staff are to commence duties on Monday 16th August... On Friday 20th August we leave by private jet for an (Undisclosed) beach residence location, where the family’s final holiday vacation for this year will start. So much to do... but it will be easier once the new staff begin their duties.

All four members of staff are to live in but will accompany us for the holiday vacation. We will be away from the senator’s town residence for three whole weeks. The children are understandably bouncing off the ceiling, so very excited; at long last, they will get to spend good quality time with their father.

Sitting in the bright office, writing to-do lists for our new members of staff... I pause, thinking in particular about my future, Jake’s future.

Since that special time all those weeks ago on the senator’s land, Jake’s never indicated or even hinted at the closeness I know we both sensed that day. Come to think of it, neither have I...

I wanted him so bad; I needed him to put his strong arms around my waist, hold me close then pull me in closer, as he explains everything’s going to be alright.

Oh I know my role within the organisation is completely secure and I’m totally convinced that’s because of my extreme abilities, but that’s ok... I need to feel secure. A bond has formed; I know the family feel it too. I couldn’t help but ask the question, what about the love of my life? Whilst pondering that profound question, I firmly push myself backwards into the leather chair... The problem I thought, is he doesn’t know how important he is to me. Maybe it’s about time I touch the water, feel the temperature... instinct tells me he quivers inside too, just as much as me but until I see the look, feel the heat, sense the longing, I can’t let myself believe. Maybe in different surroundings, away from the senator’s residence... we'll find away to experience something special. Time for us will tell!

Staring off into space I jump as the senator bounces into the office.

“Aha Crystal that’s where you are, Kristina is on the phone” He pushed the little black cordless gadget into my outstretched hand then quickly disappeared.

“Hi Kristina, yes sorry, I’m writing out those infernal lists for the new staff intake on Monday”

I listened to Kristina’s light bubble voice, instantly feeling cheerful as she patiently explained dates, times and her brief description of where she’d left the inventory list, the one she especially wanted me to retrieve.

Listening to her excited babble, I could see into the back of my mind... the mist cleared; clarity stunned me by showing Jake’s handsome face... he smiles out to me.

It’s just what I needed. the message couldn't be any clearer, I know now what I must do!

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