Thursday, 26 August 2010

26 Domestic Service. Truth & Longing...

Making decisions... especially well informed ones has helped to make me feel my world is alright... Particularly now because I know in which direction I’m going. With my decision drenched in truth, I suddenly feel better than I've ever felt before... My recent brainwave regarding Jake, feels warm, sunny and accurate. The only other issue, to pick a perfect moment... spy our golden chance... My gut feeling tells me this may be easier said than done. Regardless, my longing with its warmth pounds safely within the confines of my heart. Completely reassured now, I know I've definitely made the right decision...

Monday 23rd August 2010...

Our new members of staff have commenced their posts and been with us just over a week. They unsurprisingly fitted straight in... Training sessions were tight but to deadline. It was great to see everyone pull together as a team. On Friday we all left the senators residence as planned but time and location was changed to facilitate security.

Arriving hours later in the beautiful beach resort for a private three week holiday was absolutely wonderful. The family are content and happy with all previous and present arrangements. All new members of staff as well as two original members are settling in fine. Security’s well established with Jake consistently busy assessing the initial set up after following intense organisation of extra troops to enhance the safety of the whole party.

We’ve been here for a whole weekend; the guarded agenda is being followed closely to the letter with an occasional coded security change. It must be noted this is simply to ensure complete synchronisation for each undercover agent connected to the assignment. Our earlier briefing went well. The senator delivered his own last minute agenda and needed to get together with security as well as staff members to brief them about certain unmentionable possibilities.

I have gratefully discovered since employing Emily the new nanny, I’ve been getting much more time to do all the other things that ensure a more organised household. My new skills have not gone unnoticed by the senator, his wife and Jake. I still happily find time to spend with the children and Emily whom I have become very fond of... as I have said previously, Emily has already saved me from harm. That happily connected us right from the start.

The knock on my door halted my thoughts...

“Come in”

Little Taylor popped her head around the door before she happily bounced into my office.

I grinned. “What can I do for you Taylor?”

“Miss Kristina would like you to join the family on the patio for lunch” she replied with a smile.

“Thank you, I’m on my way”.

Going through the beautiful triple patio doors, my heart leapt for joy as I saw Jake sitting with the family around the ornate patio table.

Acting as cool as cucumber, I smiled.

“Hey Crystal, I thought it would be nice for all of us to eat together. Maybe, we could organise a day out tomorrow” as normal Kristina's right eye lifted with her question.

Emily walked in with the children. All three looked damp from their swim.

“Mummy, mummy” they cry as they fiercely hug their mother.

“Children come, sit down. We’re about to have lunch, I bet your starving aren’t you?”

A joyful unison of delightful squeals fly round the table.

I hear the deep tone of Jakes voice as he greets me. This he follows with a brief but courteous hello to Emily and the children. Looking over to him, I feel the crashing beat of my heart as it over-powers my ear drums. The internal longing all consuming... but, I know I have to take my time, be steady, be patient and be ready. His eyes nervous, flick towards me. I'm half listening to Kristina but within my peripheral vision I know he's drinking me in. This knowledge makes me confident...

“Ah darling, you’re here” Kristina cries when the senator appeared.

“Yes, so sorry but I’m here now” he volunteers ruffling his children’s hair which merrily caused further giggles.

“I do apologise everybody, come on let’s eat”.

The next 50mins or so are wonderful. A feast greedily demolished. Rosa Lee and Orenda, the new cooks along with the help of Taylor have done us proud... cooked a banquet fit for kings.

“I won’t be able to move for a week” I cried, retrieving my napkin from the floor.

Everybody laughs in total agreement.

At the end of a lovely lunch it's been unanimously decided, a luxury cruise will be arranged for the following day. Everyone with the exception of Orenda the cook and our new maid Taylor, will be going. Jake makes an invisible list to share with his agents and extra security.

Excusing myself, I'm about to get up from the table when Jake leans over asking if he can meet with me for further discussion on agenda for the following day.

“Of course” I breathe.

I confirm with Kristina and Emily I will meet up with them later, to finalise arrangements.

Jake quietly but confidently follows me to my office. I turn as he closes the door. Suddenly I become nervous, convinced he must be able to hear my rapid breathing; my heart beat or at the very least sense my longing ache.

“Now Crystal, this activity needs to be synchronised perfectly. Remember what happened last time” he gently urged.

For twenty minutes Jake and I discuss nothing but work, security, agendas, staff, family and precise arrangements with times etc.. I feel questions rise in my head but my heart tells me that now was not the golden moment... I'm just about to ignore my instinct when the shrill high pitch of Jakes mobile phone rings out. Jake gets up and excuses him-self... as he walks to the door; I know any moment has gone.

“Jake” I shout a little too loudly.

He turns with a quizzical almost comical look etched across his handsome face.

“Sorry” I say shyly. “It’s ok, I’ll see you later”

For the briefest moment, which felt like the whole of eternity... his gaze penetrates right through to my very soul. He leaves abruptly as I flop into the black leather of my chair... I cry silent tears knowing yet again I have to wait for the return of that elusive golden moment...

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  1. Truth, longing and desire is within each and every one of us... It's what we do with those raw emotions that really matter! Crystal's unveiling will be open, honest and genuine as she tries again and again to open up her heart to a man who appears to blind beyond belief... Ah but is he?