Thursday, 5 August 2010

24. Domestic Service. Soul Sister...

Tuesday 3rd August 2010

When I explain to you, I was totally unprepared for the little lady who came through the door for interview today... please trust me, because an hour or so later I just knew I’d discovered my soul sister... Emily!

In walked a tiny girl who squeaked her name... Taylor was 24yrs of age but looked sweet sixteen. She stood about 4ft 11 with wild brown hair which reached her shoulders and those almond shaped hazel eyes appeared to laugh right at you. Sitting down she shared a wonderful smile as her interview commenced. Later I realised Taylor was the only individual on the day who shook our hands; she told us she was pleased to meet us. A further 30minutes into the interview it became difficult to quieten Taylor. She was talkative, bouncy, a total delight. This funnily enough is how Kristina later described her.

Jake and I were very much enjoying the interview process... despite initially thinking it was going to a drag and be completely boring. The process proved successful in that, it flowed smoothly and the three of us knew either way when we had someone not really suitable or when we had an applicant we liked. Then as if by a natural instinct formed from years of working together the three of us shared an astounding ability to tune into each other’s thoughts and intuition.

We interviewed 4 maids and were in no doubt that our final agreement was what the senators residence and inhabitants needed is a happy soul... Taylor was being checked out along with the cooks, Rosa lee and Orenda.

We had several interviews for the Nanny position... but decided unanimously on a well deserved coffee break. Ten minutes later, the door knocked and in walked the administrative officer with the first applicant.

“Hi my name is Julia, I’ve been sent by the agency Royal Nannies”

Throughout the room... a hush descended

“Hello Julia we are very pleased to meet you, if somewhat surprised”

Confusion etched across Julia’s face.


“Yes, you see on here it states your name is John”

“Oh that, well yes officially I'm John but when I work I’m Julia” Julia seemed to think that was explanation enough and visually relaxed leaning back into the chair.

This was beginning to feel a little too uncomfortable... I could feel all three instincts blazing and I knew my colleague was feeling the same...

The interview became rushed. When John/Julia left the room, I couldn’t help noticing a sneer spread across his face as he gave me a weird sideways glance.

Kristina looked uncomfortable...

“It’s important we look into this issue immediately, see how it happened. I feel we should have been advised from the agency, let’s ring now and see who John/Julia really is”

“I agree Kristina, would you like me to make the call?”

“No it’s ok, I’ll ring”. Kristina reached for the phone, calling the number on his application form...

Jake stood up visibly bristling, his mobile glued to his ear.

The conversation was brief and direct.... Putting the phone down Kristina’s white face crumpled.

Jake spoke sharply to security, demanded they detain John/Julia who was in a blue nanny’s uniform. His voice rose further, demanding they close the gates immediately and not allow anyone either in or out...

I advised Kristina and Jake I’d be right back. On the corridor I smiled reassuringly at the rest of the applicants, advising there would be a short delay. I progressed through the side entrance which is often used to admit visitors... almost bumping into security who had our unidentified applicant.

I asked them to take him into the day room and I’d return immediately with Jake.

Several minutes later Jake asked the guy what his name was... we were greeted with silence along with that same ugly sneer.

Jake asked his security team to stay with the undesirable character until police arrived...

Kristina was fine when we arrived back in the interview room. The rest of the afternoon was uneventful with several nannies’ being interviewed. Then like a needle shining in a haystack, there was one hopeful shimmer of light.

She came into the room as quiet as a little mouse, very serene and delicate but believe me... looks can be deceiving, as I later went on to discover.

She introduced herself as Emily. She went on to say she's from England... she's 31years of age and has lived in America for approximately 8years. Loves her job has a nanny for a well-known celebrity couple. Sadly her services were no longer required, the couple were about to divorce and the children were moving to another country... she added however, the celebrity mum wanted her to accompany them but at this moment in time, Emily did not want to leave the states. I watched her explain herself, there was something instinctual I liked about Emily. I inexplicably sensed a wonderful closeness with her. I felt she was easy to speak to, she answered questions quite naturally and I could see she didn’t blow her own trumpet that easily... this quality I also liked. When Emily’s interview was drawing to a close, there was a huge ruction outside... Jake and I were first on the scene. It was what I went on to witness in slow motion that clinched Emily’s interview for me...

The guy who called himself Julia/John... had launched himself from the grip of 2 hefty police officers... in a flash he’d lunged towards me but before I react I witness Emily attack him... she forcefully brings him down hard to the ground, securing him flat against the deep red carpet that runs systematically throughout the residence corridors... In complete and utter surprise, I turn to Kristina who is also looking on in disbelief. Emily now lying spread eagle across the perpetrator is gently lifted by Jake as the police officers and security team restrain their man.

Reaching out I shake Emily’s hand in heartfelt thanks... Kristina beckons us both into the interview room.

Closing the door, I watch Jake and the team frog march the strange individual away with the police.

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