Monday, 9 August 2010

No. 39 is going...

No. 39 has always been a lovely house, a beautiful home. For those of you who know me, you’ll understand completely when I share this information... No.39 has also been a healing house... its therapeutic qualities were evident to me before I even moved in. This special house previously belonged to a very dear friend of mine... The first time I entered it I knew unequivocally it was going to be mine!

Well at long last No.39 is for sale... I realise there is still some way to go before the next part of the journey of dreams can be accomplished. Even so it wasn’t until the estate agent called to photograph different rooms as well as the garden that my heart went ping... followed by my brain going slightly numb. I know the end to one journey is within our sight. I also warmly feel a strong sense of mixed emotions as I quickly witness the last 7 years flash before me.

The estate agent babbles on, making all the right noises about this will sell the house, that will sell the house and you’re large garden should help considerably. His words echo before they bounce away from me. My visions continue... good and bad times travel in the form of pictures throughout my mind... I see different people and other times.

I note the experience feels surreal because while I'm able to silently encounter the good, the bad, and the brilliant... I also become aware that like me, my gorgeous man stands quietly, watching proceedings. I wonder if he feels the same... are his thoughts and memories crashing by, making him excited for our future. I make a mental note to ask how he's feeling later.

As I sign the contract, I get confirmation that quite possibly this life may never be the same!

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