Sunday, 4 July 2010

Time Is My Enemy...

I've reached a conclusion and clearly realise time is my No.1 enemy. Never have I felt it more so than right this very minute!!!

Time is described as an essential part of the measuring system... My own personal interest in time is simple, the older I become the quicker it seems to go... working full time doesn’t help, just simply serves to constantly remind me that at the end of the day any time left over is precious and usually claimed by family commitments. Leaving very little time for me to follow my many dreams...

It’s generally well known as well as time being socially important, it also has a personal value to individuals and can be related to ‘time is money’ as well as each and every one of us knowing there is limited personal time in each and every day, it also confirms that within every one of the many different lives, time confirms we all have a life span... whatever that may be!

My small gripe this weekend is that throughout most of last week, my thoughts were this; I don’t always have time for the luxury of my love of writing... It always has to take a back seat to accommodate other stuff. During the past twelve months I’ve heard an awful lot about visualisation... If you’ve never heard of this then you should know there are different forms of visualisation. The form I refer to is ‘Creative visualisation’ a mental technique that uses the imagination to help make dreams come true. Some people believe it is a power that can cause events to happen... attracting money, power, people and love into our lives. I believe it’s a process similar to daydreaming... there is no magic involved and no one gets hurt it’s something you visualise for a few minutes each day by concentrating on your goal, by seeing what you want, you encourage that particular event to happen.

According to available information for research, experts reckon there are people who use the technique naturally in their everyday life. It’s believed all successful people use it consciously or unconsciously, by visualizing their goals as already accomplished.

Maybe I should start doing this, visualising my dreams and goals... why not It can’t hurt, can it?

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