Saturday, 26 June 2010

21. Domestic Service. Life, living and hidden love...

Life is for living, well that’s what I’ve always said but the thumping beat of my heart hammers every time I’m near Jake and it’s driving me to distraction... My focus must be on my assignment... the family I work for are my life. One day the curtain will lift and finally my love will be realised, but for now...

Saturday 1st May 2010.

Life in the senator’s busy residence took on a comforting hum of routine with the reassurance of organised living. At the last meeting job descriptions were thrashed over as was expected duties. I learned the house was to receive further domestic service staff and it was accepted that Jake and I would be included amongst the interview panel.

The weeks flew by... Memories of our exploration around the senators beautiful estate were vivid as were the tingles of electricity that continued to pulsate through the whole of my being every time Jake was around. At this moment in time the problem is we’re unable to do anything about it because it’s against security regulations which are clearly stated within the small print of company policies & procedures.

I don’t wish to talk too much about the children’s routines as that’s not acceptable given the security restrictions surrounding the family... but its suffice to say the routine for these children and their parents is on the mark and not open to any flexibility or change, unless it’s gone through a special code.

My time with the family is special; even if I’m working it feels like I’m spending time with my own family. I’m close to Kristina and she confides in me. The senator is adamant he wants me to stay for as long as I can... he discussed his sense of feeling secure at learning I had special skills and he’s always very complimentary of my relationship within the family ... so I know in the short time I’ve been aboard I have managed to build up a good reputation.

My numerous bubbles of thought burst as the kitchen door swung open...

“Crystal, here’s where you’re hiding” cried Kristina.

“Not hiding Kristina, honest!” I laughed, “I’m waiting for the children to get in from school”

Ok, they’ll be here any minute”

I watched as Kristina pushed the red button on the kettle.

“Would you like me to make coffee for you?” I asked.

“No, it’s fine.” Kristina looked around at me. “I’ll make it for you” she smiled.

Within moments a hot steaming cup of coffee was placed carefully in my hands.

“Make the most of it Crystal; the children will be here soon”

Sipping my coffee I smiled.

“Are you ok Crystal, you seem to be faraway?”

“I’m fine Kristina just got a few things on my mind, nothing serious”

“Good, don’t want my favourite lady worried about anything”

“I’m not” I reassured.

“Don’t forget, the senator and I are on the red carpet this evening, wish I was staying home with you and the children, having milk, cookies and watching cartoon's”

“Kristina you’ll have a great time and what an honour to be invited to a ball in aid of a top children’s charity, you’ll both be splashed all over the TV tonight and the papers tomorrow”

“In that case I better go and get ready now “she giggled drinking the rest of her coffee. Kristina washed her coffee cup and made her way towards the kitchen door, just in time to be almost run over by two very giddy children, eager to give hugs.

Sitting here I watch them embrace their mother so warmly, I felt the electrical stirrings of my own love for a man I couldn’t show any emotion too. My heart really ached for him but I knew it was more than my job was worth to take my mind of its true focus.

“Crystal, Crystal we missed you too, we made this for you.”

The children produced a beautiful picture of 4 adults and 2 children surrounded by flowers and a big yellow sun. Pointing to the individuals within the picture I asked who they were.

“That’s mummy and daddy and that’s me and Felicia” He looked at me with expectant eyes.

“And who’s this” I asked pointing to the other two individuals.

“Don’t you know, can’t you guess” they both squealed.

“Are they your grandparents” I asked innocently.

Nooooooo” They both cried “Do you give in, do you give in?”

Shrugging my shoulders I gave in.

“It’s you Crystal, and Jake” Looking closer I saw the clumsy child-like resemblance.

“So it is what a beautiful picture” I said looking towards Kristina and the children.

“I think it’s got to have a very good position” I said, “Now where are we going to put it?”

“On the fridge” both children cried unanimously.

Whilst the children helped me put the picture up against the fridge I reminded Kristina to go and get ready.

Laughing she pushed the kitchen door open... this time she almost knocked Jake over. It wasn’t long before I heard the thud, thud, thud of my heart hammering against the inside of my chest.