Saturday, 5 June 2010

18. Domestic Service. Homecoming...

I have found in life that sometimes thought provoking happenings are to be expected... At other times inner-most feelings can and do totally overwhelm, to the point of distraction... but today I know one thing for sure, this is the beginning of a deeper appreciation for my work and my new family. Come on... pull your chair closer and relax as I continue with the daily happenings in the life of a very special agent...

Tuesday 20th April 2010

As electronic gates whirr open I am thankful at the vision before me. If I thought the Spanish villa was exquisite, this was truly amazing. The limousine moves slowly away from the main gate which allows me the luxury of breathing in my surroundings.

Set in many acres, I see one of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen.

Jonathan graciously fills me in on the rest... He informs me in a businesslike fashion that this is a traditional luxury family home, which possesses ten bed rooms and the property came with the senator’s position. The senator and his wife own a big luxury secure beach property where they habitually relocate to when the senator is not carrying out his duties.

Stepping into the cool entrance, I’m almost knocked over by the children and Kristina as they appear from out of nowhere with squeals of delight.

“How wonderful to see you Crystal” Kristina cries as both children excitedly grab a leg each.

All smiles, we walk into an enormous kitchen which is stylishly decorated in black, white and silver. I smell freshly brewed coffee and somewhere deep inside my core I feel brilliant feelings of being home at last. I have arrived and I am needed... this part of my life is becoming seriously significant. I'm overwhelmed but more importantly I sense I belong.

“We have so much to discuss Crystal, but first let us get you settled in “

Eventually I'm shown to a beautiful room at the top of the house.

The room is located at the back of the house. On moving the lace curtains I discover another world... As far as my eye can see I witness breathtaking mountains, hills, fields and stables surrounded by fresh looking fences and magnificent horses.

“Do you like horses?” Kristina enquires.

“Yes, I love them”

I was unable to take all of it in. My work, this is my new life.

“Well then, we will go for a ride later”

An excited Kristina left me to unpack.

“See you in the kitchen in about an hour, that’s if you can find your way” laughing she closed the door.

Unpacking my things made the dream a reality, unfortunately for me though there was still one thing missing...


As I swipe away the tears, I remember nothings perfect.

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