Friday, 19 June 2009

Demons Mirrors

The mouth of the demon creature parted, its long rough tongue slithered out, slowly licking crusted bleeding lips. A rage induced slime spewed, dribbling over pointed razor sharp teeth, spreading onto its decomposing chin.

Leaning forwards he casts a grotesque shadow across her naked form. He smiles.. Her distress, he loves it.. fear emanates from his hysterical captive.
Didn't she know, fear makes her more alluring? Useless screams convince him, she is going to die. She is.. going to die; his body shakes at the very thought.. its going to happen.
He wants her to weep; he needs to see her squirm. An end almost in his sight.

Talons around her slender throat... pupils dilate... apply consistent deep, dark, pressure. Instinct reminds him ... this will help.
Eventually from his own pure evil practice, he knows the end is inevitable.. he will watch closely as she drifts off to never, never land.

Aha.... but not before he slams open, misshapen monstrous eyes, allowing her to clearly see the mirror image she would behold, remembering forever.

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