Sunday, 14 June 2009

Thought for to-day.. told with a genuine smile : )

I'm being told to think of my audience.... Hmmmmm, let me see.... I would like to think if I had an audience, it would be more than likely they came from all walks of life... interested in anything and everything... People who are open to suggestions that may compliment their lives in a positive sense...
My personal thoughts are in life, we never know who, what, or when something will be thrown at us.... Most of us know, this is not a dress rehersal... This is it!! We have to try whenever possible to think positive. Smile brightly and take care of the world and all it holds... not always possible I hear you say, I agree.... but if we dont try, then ultimately thats less positive healing energy to get hold of in yours and my time of need... In everyday life, I try to be mindful of taking a step backwards, look forwards, see whats going on.... focus on who is before me... what are they doing, thinking, feeling and hopefully within that short space of time in observing life, I can take stock... who needs help, is it family, friends or strangers? See what reserves I have and help if I can. If I can't then I point them in the right direction.... I'm aware of other peoples negatives along with their pointless thoughts around 'DO-GOODERS' ... One of my philosophys in life ...
"If you cant say anything nice then dont say anthing at all"

Despite a shaky start in life... I'm proud to declare, thankfully I have managed to become a happy, hopeful, realistic person who has got this far in life relatively unscathed. With my current thoughts & feelings.... I know 100% how much I have to give, If I'm prepared to give it, especially not forgetting when its the appropriate time to say "No" but... I do try.... My message is this.... Help others if you can, be mindful of whats happening around you and them because the chances are you could make a world of difference and a difference in their world, even if its to just one person... if you do... then you've done a good job... : )

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