Friday, 19 June 2009

The Sea Queen.... A little glimpse into a special story.

It was a very special evening on the night of the proposal. The weather was warm and the heavy scent of vanilla clung to the air.

My father, excited.. clutched the ring in his hand. Words of love and wonder where spinning around in his head. Knowing how much love he possessed, he was so desperate to express his thoughts, his feelings as clearly as he could to the woman he wanted to marry. He hoped the memory would stay with them forever. Arrangements had been made to meet Princess Kira on the castle balcony.
My father was ready and waiting, grasping the 24crt gold rose which held the engagement ring, encased romantically within its flower.
Fidgeting he leaned against the balcony, impatiently waiting for his beloved, going over and over the words, longing to get them right.... He prayed she would say Yes, he wanted her.. he needed to be with her always and forever. It wasn't long before my father heard delicate footsteps. His heart quickened and with each step, he knew she was getting closer. He held his breath as he watched her enter from the open doorway onto the balcony, all the while never taking his eyes of her beautiful smile. He walked quickly towards her... clasping the rose. Taking her in his arms, he kissed her warm cheeks.. catching a faint smell of her delicious perfume.. She blushed as they walked towards the edge of the balcony.. which beautifully overlooked the sea.

My mothers deep blue eyes were wide. She knew something very important was about to happen, it was then my handsome father bent down on his right knee, he held her thin pale hands within his and looked deeply into her eyes showing her all the love in his heart and soul. He softly said "Kira my love, I worship and adore you, I have brought you here to ask you a very important question, I need you to know I love you... I love you with all of my heart.. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, this is why I would like you to do me the honour of becoming my wife" pulling open the golden rose he presented a beautiful, sparkling, engagement ring which had been nestled securily beneath shiny petals. The atmospher was electrifying, his words hanging in the air as if they were being held there by magic.

My mothers eyes damp now from salty tears which were sliding gently down pink cheeks. With her best and brightest smile she bent towards my father, kissed him slowly and said, "Yes my sweet man, yes I will be your devoted wife" They embraced firecely... kissing and hugging as if their very lives depended on it.

Meanwhile whilst this beautiful scene unfolded... from beyond the open balcony doorway, my fathers brother... Prince Jarvis, was leaning heavily against the cold stone wall, angrily biting down hard on his fist, tasting his own lifes blood. Staring hard, his wild heart hammmering after hearing the worst possible news of his life. This man... her fathers brother... Her uncle, was already plotting against her mother in the worst possible way.
Prince Jarvis had a black heart, In that moment he was being consumed by pure evil jealousy.

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