Sunday, 21 June 2009


Thin pale hands gripped a dark ancient gravestone, Mia, couldn't see a damn thing in the dark. Inside the cemetery, fog danced around her in thick creamy swirls... this didn't stop her from feeling very frightened. Mia wished with all her heart that she had stayed home snug in her bed, listening to the TV and reading any one of her warm true romances. But No.... instead she had answered her vibrating mobile which was dancing on her bedside table.

Hearing her best friend Jen's squeaky voice followed by a giggling special request for a midnight laugh in the cemetery. Mia nervously followed through with a giggle of her own, saying she would be ready in 10minutes. And now... In what had to be the darkest night of any night, she was here crouching behind a filthy gravestone and feeling a lot like crying. On top of all that when they had arrived earlier, Mia to her distress had somehow mysteriously lost her friends. She hugged herself and wondered where were they. Angrily her thoughts were, she should have listened to her instincts and stayed at home.

From out of nowhere there was an ear-splitting howling scream... it pierced the darkness shattering it like glass. Mia shivering and shaking, closed her eyes... petrified... she knew she had to either move or faint but how? It was dark and foggy. Mia started slowly very slowly moving sideways, tentatively holding onto one gravestone whilst her out-stretched hand found another. The moment she felt damp green slimy moss between her fingers, it made her physically shudder.

The moon as bright as a halogen lamp, unexpectedly jumped out from behind a storm laden cloud, allowing Mia to read the old faded writing on the grave in front of her. The gravestone was dark and cracked with age, almost completely covered in the wet sticky moss she absolutely hated. The gravestone said ......................

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