Sunday, 4 October 2009

Summers Final Destination Part 1.................

Summer lay in uncompromising agony wondering if he really knew what he was doing. She tried to force her eyes shut whilst he clumsily prised them open.

In the misty distance she could hear the high pitched wailing of a siren... Again the guy with his mop of dark straggly hair continued to lift her eye lids, only this time he was pounding on her chest. Frantically her mind tried to make sense of what she could see. Trying to focus on him left her feeling even more confused, Summer could see his mouth moving but she couldn't hear any sound. All she could hear was the screaming of a siren and it's ever increasing closeness.

Lying broken like a rag doll on the hard pavement, Summer brought a shaky blood soaked hand up towards her face, brushing away her long red hair from very sore eyes. A surge of fear erupted from within ... that’s strange, my hand is the same colour as my hair but before she could dissolve into complete hysteria, she heard the sweetest voice... with immense effort she squinted through the blinding light; standing tall behind the guy who was kneeling besides her, Summer could clearly see a lady with piercing blue eyes. Her own eyes now filled with pain flickered, she tried to focus on the blue lady. Summer knew there was something familiar about her.

“I know you, I’m sure I do... I know you” The lady's voice became louder shouting above the wail of approaching sirens’

"Summer its ok, don't worry... I have come to collect you for your next journey." Summer closed her eyes again, blue lady... Journey... what Journey? I want to go home... Please let me go home.

The next voice she heard was masculine, deep, demanding, almost to the point of shouting,

“Can you hear me”? Opening her eyes again she saw a different guy kneeling beside her. This guy was dressed in a dark uniform. A little more gently now he said

“can you hear me young lady”? “You’ve had an accident... its ok, I’m a paramedic I’m going to help you” Everything started to fade. In what felt like slow motion, Summer clearly saw the car hurtling through the air flying towards her, she knew there was no escape. She screamed... her heart stopped... she closed her eyes.

Summer had been on her way to meet up with friends for an exciting shopping trip; they had all been given much sought after tickets to a beach party. It was such a beautiful day. Her head was hurting, it kept going dark but she could still see all her friends’ their faces floating before her like a weird mist.

She opened her eyes; feeling vibrations from the ambulance, she knew it was moving and moving fast, its siren sounded like a screaming banshee.... its crazy flashing lights.... She could see the paramedics working quickly with her, attaching all kinds of machinery and tubes. She heard a soft calm voice “stabilising now” looking further over towards the back end of the ambulance, was that the blue lady? “When you’re ready Summer” her sugary voice smiling.

She frowned questioningly “ready”? The softly spoken paramedic quickly blurted

“Jack she’s talking” Jack bent his head towards her face, she could smell his aftershave, it made her think warmly of her dad.
“What is it sweetheart?” Jack said gently. In view of his closeness she whispered

“I have to go” Jack jumped upright as if he had been electrocuted

“No no... Sweetheart, you’re staying here we will be at the hospital soon, you’re in real good hands”

She sensed her smiling blue eyed Lady even closer.

“Come Summer, it is time” Summer felt herself rise like a plume of feathers. Tentatively she held out her hand to the blue lady; when their fingertips touched, a high pitched squealing bleep hit the interior of the ambulance.

“Quick Jack flat-line…” Jack moved like grease lightening, flicking his hand towards his assistant Vasopressin injection … once the injection was securely slapped into Jack's hand he injected, following with chest compressions, counting rhythmically.

“Come on... Come on...” Jack muttered. “Come on...” With no sign of any electrical activity Jack quickly followed through with Defibrillation. After what seemed an eternity both paramedics looked at one another, a calm, sad, stubborn silence followed them all the way to the hospital.

Summer still holding on to her blue lady’s hand, glanced back towards herself lying on the ambulance bed, she felt an overwhelming sense that she was about to be taken some place from where she would never return. With a lingering glance backwards she witnessed the assistant paramedic brushing away his salty tears... With the blink of an eye Summer found
herself in a crisp white room... Looking around she saw the Blue lady sitting on a chair, still smiling.

After waiting a few moments Summer felt unsure about what to do, not sure what was expected of her. She was about to speak when big wooden double doors were hurriedly pushed open, making Summer jump....
“You set the room up Martha; I will bring family members in as soon as they arrive”.

Martha efficiently set about busying herself ignoring the room’s occupants, Summer wanted to speak to her... The room was deathly quiet. Eventually with a little nervous cough she quietly said “Excuse me” this met with a hushed silence. Martha continued about her business. Summer felt troubled, not knowing what else to do, she sighed looking towards the blue lady;

“Please, what’s going on ... Why am I here”? Blue Lady’s smile diminished
“You will see my dear, don’t be alarmed... for now I have to leave you. This has been the first part of your journey.... the second part is about to begin”. Pausing briefly she continued,
“I will see you soon for the third part” before summer could respond there was a white flash of bright light. Her blue lady was gone.

Summer utterly confused, feeling more anxious than ever, felt very alone. Glancing towards the wooden double doors she moved towards them, gliding swiftly into the bright clean corridor.

On the corridor she quickly realised she was in a very busy A&E dept of a hospital.

She silently watched blue flashing lights with Dr’s & nurses frantically receiving the injured or poorly occupants from paramedics.

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