Sunday, 4 October 2009

Summers Final Destination Part 2................

Part 2 includes the conclusion.....

Spying a seat a very tired Summer gently lowered herself into the sitting position, next to a young man who turned briefly glancing at her sideways. Turning more fully towards him she asked politely if he was ok, no answer... exhausted she Sighed deeply
“I might as well be invisible”
“Aha..." He scoffed, "not another newbie” She looked at him quizzically. Reading her thoughts he announced,
“You will see, it will all become crystal clear, then you will understand”. Feeling impatient and awkward she cried
“but I want to understand now” shaking his head he explained
“Not possible... it’s a process, call it a progression that you have to go through” He stood up swiftly, walking away.
“Please” she cried sadly “Please”.... sitting back down he bent forwards, leaning heavily on his knees. Holding both hands together he waited a few moments. Without moving his body he turned his head towards her, “In two minutes your world will crash, it will fall apart because through those doors people will appear, people you know... they wont know you because...."

before he could finish the A&E plastic double doors swung open with a heart stopping crash, a Paramedic shouted “We need assistance”

Summers eyes were immediately drawn past the paramedics; she was stunned to see her parents.... she felt weak with shock to see how pale they looked... Seeing fear within their eyes, she watched them walk slowly almost painfully, clutching each other. Jumping up from her seat, released like a jack in its box... feeling tremendous concern, she hurried forward calling out to them. Not hearing her they walked on.

A nurse with big sad eyes gently escorted them into a familiar room, Summer fearfully followed through double wooden doors finding within the room... beautiful flowers, a big shiny golden cross, a white silk sheet with the most exquisite golden cord attached lying on a bed with wheels. A second Nurse came into the room and with a hushed voice she spoke to her parents. Her mother was crying, big bubble like tears slid down her face, her father was stony steel faced, she had seen that look before but couldn’t remember where... her head hurt!

The 2nd nurse nodded her head, indicating to the first nurse with the big sad eyes to remove the silk sheet, allowing for a better view. On witnessing what was beneath the sheet, Summer’s hand flew to her mouth, biting down hard tasting her own blood. What she saw was horrifying.

Summers reaction instantly became stifled when she heard her mothers guttural scream, “Nooooooo, oh my god... My beautiful baby girl, please... Noooo” Immediately, the whole atmosphere changed it was charged and electrified... the light became brighter. Summer knew there was no going back. The clarity of the situation clearly confirmed. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a brighter, whiter, stronger, light instantly knowing its supreme importance; she also knew her blue lady had silently returned... Summer needed a few more minutes, she didn’t want to take her eyes away from her parents, she loved them, she wanted to tell them... god how she loved them.

The sugary voice patiently reminded her “it’s time to say goodbye” for Summer the extraordinary emptiness she was experiencing was completely overwhelming... Her own tears cascading now down her face “Do I have to, can I please hug them”? Blue Lady nodded gently. Summer opened out her arms as wide as she could, completely wrapping both of them tightly around her parents. In doing this she sensed her parents fiercely clutching each other as if their very lives depended on it. Summer knew instinctively they were strong. Eventually they would be alright. Time after all was a healer.

Reluctantly very slowly, Summer moved backwards reaching out for the pale delicate out-stretched hand of her blue lady. In that instant Summer realised why the blue lady looked so familiar, it was because she recognised her. The blue lady smiled wider....

"Yes Summer I'm your grandmother" With incredible mixed feelings for Summer, they both smiled now... their recognition acknowledged... holding hands tightly looking towards the warm bright light; both were gone in a heartbeat...

Summers final destination was at last painfully complete....

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