Saturday, 4 September 2010

Moonlight Maddie...

Here is my gorgeous English Cocker Spaniel Maddie... her very official title ‘Moonlight Maddie’

Maddie is two years old and full of fun... Extremely inquisitive, very much a people’s dog who just happens to love every canine she greets. In a previous write up, I called her my ‘stalker’ and let me tell you that still stands. I simply cannot move without her. No matter how many times I tell her to stay, just so I can go about the house doing chores... I have to be really careful, because I know I’ll turn and she’ll be there with that loving gaze and wagging tail telling me clearly, she just wants to be near me.

When we take her for a walks either local, woods, beach etc... It doesn’t seem to matter how long we walk because regardless of the time limit she never stops for breath, she’s quick and very gentle. I’m convinced Mads was born with an instinct around children and the elderly... She’s not often in contact with babies but when she has been, I’ve noticed a calmer more thoughtful Maddie as she very carefully checks them out...

The above picture is recent. I thought it would be nice to show those interested because she really is a gorgeous dog and it feels good writing about my deep appreciation for her.

I’ve always believed there would never be a suitable dog out there for me as I’m quite nervous around dogs and have never completely gelled with one before... I know I never gave up hope. I’m positive Maddie was sent to reassure me that it’s totally possible for someone frightened and anxious around dogs to actually grow to love one!

We are so lucky to have her... she sleeps all night long, safely on the landing in her own bed. She doesn't seem to mind spending long periods of time alone whilst we work... She has the bladder of an elephant because at times I can't quite believe how long she can go whilst she patiently waits for our return. A wonderful, wonderful dog!

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