Wednesday, 1 September 2010

27. Domestic Service... An unexpected visitor.

Wednesday 01st Sept 2010

It’s my absolute expectation that you’re clearly aware, despite my very limited but factual information the story unfolding is true. This assignment must be protected at all costs... So with your kind permission I’ll continue. I’m sure you can guess... the best is yet to come!

Warm, balmy, sea scented days beautifully roll into one another and the magic of my expectant dreams fill with hope, thankfully they refuse to evaporate.

Two long glorious weeks! Everything's going to plan. We’ve enjoyed numerous days out with no hiccups. The senator and family are looking very well; stress-lines have disappeared, laughter lines are in full view. Observing their daily life is such a blessing.

My routine in the household is consistent.

My dream of hopefully finding some elusive time where I’ll be able to confess to Jake about exactly how I feel... The mere thought of that fills me with the very best butterfly sensation. On the other side of the coin, I’m disappointed that I’ve still not managed to find a right moment to share special thoughts with him. I’m not sure if the gods are against us or even if this dream is meant to be. Sadly I’ve also noticed each time I think it’s the right time, something happens.

Lying flat out on my sun bed, I feel myself slowly sink into hot white sand. Lazily I open one eye just curious to see where the senator and Jakes montage of under cover security agents (appropriately dressed of course) are... observing them from the back I briefly watch as they help the children and Kristina onto the family speed boat. Closing my eyes I find it funny to think, even though I’m on a luxurious holiday with my assignment and it's crew I’m still legally entitled to breaks and annual leave. Oh I'm such a lucky girl!

While the heat hits the spot thoughts hungrily course through me, helping warm contentment to rise then better still... I sense hope, as deeper more desirable thoughts are spent on Jake. I think about the next possible time I’m going to spy my chance. Despite several disappointments I know the time will happen soon...

“Penny for them”

Startled I jump at the sound of the voice despite its familiarity. Seeing the senators PA Jonathon, I reprimanded him for scaring me.

“Sorry but I could see you were miles away... was I in there somewhere?”

I ignored his flirty comment clearly remembering this guy still gave me the creeps just like he did on the day I first met him at the airport, when we touched down in the USA... I wondered what he was doing here because he wasn’t on the assignment with us.

“Is everything ok” I ask.

“Ah that’s for me to know and for you to find out”

I shiver at the slime in his tone.

Jakes deep voice came from behind Jonathon.

“What you doing here?”

“I was just about to tell Crystal, I have an important message for the senator”

“And...?” Jake almost demanded.

“You’ll have to excuse me but I did mean, it’s a very private and a completely personal message for the senator - only”

“Anything to do with the senator or his family is to do with me, are you forgetting I’m head of security? “ Jake continued “All information be it classified or otherwise is open to me”

“With all due respect Jake, you may or may not eventually find out this information but right now it's definitely closed, code red and not accessible to anyone but the senator” with his point made Jonathon gave a slimy wink then left.

Jakes jaw involuntary twitched. I knew he’d lost patience with our reluctant messenger.

Putting my robe on I walk back to the house with Jake...

“There’s something weird about him Jake”

“I know, I’ve never liked the fellow either” Jake stated, “right, I’m off to voice my concerns with head office”

“I’ll make coffee.” I volunteered “where would you like it served?”

“I’ll see you back in the kitchen” With purposeful strides he disappears quickly into the house.

Looking out to sea I watch intently as the white and silver speed boat shines in the afternoon sun. It leisurely cruises up and down holding its participants.

Stepping into the cool air-conditioned house, I gratefully breathe in the chill from its air... feeling better already I tighten my robe as the coffee pot bubbles. The aroma of fresh coffee penetrates the kitchen as I patiently wait for Jake...

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