Sunday, 26 September 2010

If You...

Don’t you just love it when you’re in love?

Don’t you love how it feels when the mind is a screwed up turmoil of emotions which rages ahead like a torrent?

(Whispering these words she knew he could hear, but she wasn’t sure if he was listening)

If you look inside my mind you’ll see a zillion thoughts raging through a maze of time.

If you look into my eyes, you’ll recognise they truly are the windows to my soul. Not only will you see sublime beauty and grace encased with desire, you’ll experience it deeply within your own true spirit.

If you lower those beautiful lashes to happen a look up-on my lips, you’ll realise with every fibre of your ethereal being they were made for you and only you.

If you transpire to look deep inside my heart, I promise you’ll feel completely overwhelmed by the strength of my infinite love, causing you to inhale deeply just from sheer belief...

Then in amongst the majestic swirls of time whilst dreams materialise we’ll feel a true pledge. Wrap your arms around around me and we'll embrace our life with love, It will be then my darling I’ll know at last we’ve come home...


  1. Being in love is truly wonderful... even better is when one does not cross the line of obsession or possession of the LOVE!

  2. Hey Savy thank you for a great comment. I totally agree possession, obsession along with jealousy is a definite No, no in a warm loving relationship, it’s a sure fire way of killing it.
    Unfortunately they are often seen as cute signs of how much one’s loved, to the wise, these emotions are not signs of love, but they are definite red flags for inappropriate behaviour, meaning the offender has underlying issues of themselves...

    Sending kindest regards

  3. Sweet sentiments, beautifully expressed. Ah, true love! How wonderful when one finds it.

  4. Mike, I believe all things are possible and we all understand these things take time, along with of course commitment and work but... when its worked together, that's the time you know everything's gonna be alright!