Sunday, 12 September 2010

28. Domestic Service. Whispered Dreams..

In the darkness when I close my eyes... I reach out to touch you knowing my dreams will bring you closer. As the dream whispers softly... I stop and inhale, listening carefully just in case I miss you.

Sunday 12 Th September 2010...

Remember there’s reality and then there’s fiction... After sticking with this series, what you choose to think is down to you and of course your own knowledgeable beliefs including imagination... Just remember, the important thing with Domestic Service reports and the very nature of the business is this... It’s supremely imperative that I’m careful what I choose to share...

I woke rather grumpy but desperately tried to get back to sleep, just so I could reinstate myself firmly back into the dream world I was so enjoying... then with a ping of adrenaline I realised today’s my day off. Lying on the bed I ponder, what to do with today’s precious time. Despite my curtains being pulled to, the sunshine pushes through the very fabric of the material. I could even smell my delicious shower crème wafting in from the bathrooms open door. Senses heightened, I lay reflecting.

Having been away with a wonderful family has been a total joy but I’d been very careful to remain mindful and not forget reasons why my team and I have to be continually present in their lives... I’m suspicious though... very suspicious. The great Jonathon arrived part way through the holiday and although his stay was short lived, his presence left the senator and everybody else for that matter more than a little unsettled. At the time I shared these concerns with Jake and it’s been agreed, the great Jonathan (Senators PA) should be looked into and investigated thoroughly.

We returned from our wonderful holiday and arrived back at the senator’s residence during late afternoon on the 6th September. It didn’t take very long to get back into routines and establish new ones. Part way through the holiday, after Jonathon’s unscheduled visit, I detected a rather strange ambience between the senator and his wife Kristina. I became even more curious when I went into the beach house’s kitchen shortly after Jonathon’s arrival, and discovered Kristina in a distressed agitated state... On gently asking what the matter was, my question was met with an uncharacteristic rebuke, which I immediately backed off from. Kristina is a lovely lady; if something was hurting her then it was personal. I would just wait and be here for her.

Springing back to the present... I want to do something nice today. My mind in a twirl from this thought and that idea. Then it hit me, I knew what I wanted to do... Shopping, I would go and buy some special things. Let people know how much they mean to me... Talking about that particular subject, I never did find a chance on our holiday of a lifetime; to spill the beans to Jake... I was very disappointed, still am! Well it has to be done right.

30minutes later, found me showered and dressed. Standing in the enormous kitchen I flick the button on the coffee pot... patiently waiting for the coffee, I watch its red light pulsate. Taylor and Emily enter the kitchen.

“Hey you two” I grin.

“Hello Crystal” they sang in unison.

“Thought you were off today” Emily cooed.

“I am, just having a much needed coffee before I go shopping”

“Oh ok, by the way Jake was looking for you earlier” Emily reported.

"Yes he asked me where you were too" Taylor followed.

“Right, did he say why?”

“No he just asked for you but I told him today's your day off” Emily winked slyly...

My beautiful soul sister, she didn’t know the full story but she knew I had a soft spot for Jake hence the wink.

“I’m sure I’ll catch him later” Turning to Taylor I ask how she's enjoying being back in the senator’s residence.

“I love it” Taylor cried. “It’s absolutely amazing, I love every single room and the other members of staff are wonderful, so nice to me”

“And so they should be, your a little diamond and such a hard worker” I affectionately touched the top of Taylor’s head as I passed to retrieve a piece of kitchen roll.

“So what you shopping for” Emily whispered.

“Oh now, for that you’ll have to wait and see” I giggled.

“See what” Jake teased as he walked through the kitchen door...

Blowing my coffee I smile as I tell him I'm going shopping...

“Fancy some company?”

I tried very hard to still my thumping heart and refrain from opening my eyes wider than necessary.

“Of course she would like some company, she’s just been telling Taylor and I how she really hates to shop alone”

Emily’s cheeks now crimson, her eyes darting nervously between Jake and me.

“Yes that’s right, I really don’t like shopping alone... if you’re free that would be really nice”

“Ok then two tics and hey Crystal I’ll drive you”

Watching the back of Jake as he disappeared, I still don’t know how I managed to retain my composure. With a brief hug to the girls, I pretend nothing was the matter. On automatic pilot I move slowly towards my room, to finish off getting ready...

Oh my god is this it, is this the right time? Has destiny finally presented itself ?


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  3. Hi, Thanks for stopping by. I'm really glad you found my stuff interesting. Be lovely to think you might get the chance to read the series through or even some of my other stuff... Please Stop by any time and if you have any questions, advice etc. please feel free to comment. I'll take a peek at your blog!

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