Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Are you or could you be an EMPATH...

I’m writing this because of something I learned recently and I consider it to be terribly significant. I’ve decided to hopefully produce an enlightening article... covering a few facts that I carefully researched... I want to share this because until recently I’d never even heard of an Empath. When I looked further into this interesting subject I discovered something amazing. That I could possibly be an Empath... in a bright illuminating flash my path and its journey finally made sense.

For those of you who may not know... Being an Empath is having a unique ability to read and comprehend people. It doesn’t seem to matter if this gift is voluntarily or involuntary you still have a capacity to be in tune with others and occasionally when this happens it can overwhelm and sometimes hurt your very own being.

A lot of times Empaths are completely unaware of their gift but... they grow up sensing strongly they’re different in terms of recognising they’re extra sensitive to other peoples psyche, thoughts, feeling and emotions. Empaths have an ability to scan another person’s psyche and as strange as it may seem Empaths are unaware of how this actually works.

From my research I see being an Empath is much about knowing the truth. It cannot be hidden from you, no matter how hard someone tries because you feel/sense and know it. Empaths very often possess the ability to sense others on so many different levels; it’s important and comes from being observant of many things in others. Because of the way I was brought up... I ended up becoming gifted at walking into a room, scanning and then I would be able to advise on how every person in the room was feeling. Initially this gift came to me for very different reasons... My gift transpired out of necessity because I was always trying to keep myself safe (I was a victim of abuse on many levels) ... when I was really small I figured out if I knew how people were feeling, I’d be able to disappear quickly.

I see from current reading that Empaths have a biological/genetic and a distinct spiritual aspect. It seems those who are Empaths grow with these qualities as a whole package and may not learn about them until later in life... to which I must say I feel I’m a good example. I also hear being an Empath is inherited, genetic... inherent in our DNA and is passed from generation to generation. It has been studied both by traditional science and of course alternative practitioners.

I very much wanted to make a list of traits for an Empath, but on scouring the incredible amount of information on the internet, I felt unable to make that list as the traits were many...

I particularly enjoyed reading that Empaths are known to be born writers, singers and artists with a high degree of imagination, talent and creativity. Empaths are not just good listeners they are what I would label, intent listeners. They are also extremely affectionate not just in personality but also in expression. Speaking from experience, I would say, Empaths totally understand the past, present and future more especially the hereafter. They don’t have problems expressing love or goodwill, especially if they feel the receiver will benefit from their words, actions or deeds.

It is believed by many that Empaths are often quiet, also rather than receive a compliment they would rather point out another’s positive attributes. I know myself; I’m very expressive in all areas of emotional connection. I talk openly in respect of myself. I’ve also read that learning Empaths are good at blocking out others but that’s seen as a good thing, because being an Empath often means being open to a barrage of emotions which at times overwhelms. Empaths usually ignore their own needs. I know if an area is filled with conflict this creates a very uncomfortable feeling, causing us to attempt as soon as possible to settle the situation. I’ve also read we are sensitive to TV, Videos, movies, News etc. This is spot on... I find I cannot watch violence or sustain watching a drama that is highly emotional especially if its graphically shocking or if there are scenes of pain being inflicted on anyone, man, woman, child or animal, it quickly reduces me to tears as I struggle to comprehend why anyone would want to do such a thing.

I hear people from all walks of life are attracted to Empaths, this I know to be true... if I had a penny for every time I’d heard these wonderful words...

“I feel like I’ve known you forever”

I’m sure I would be nigh on close to a millionaire. I have found people even strangers say, they felt drawn to me. With most people I also feel that same warm wonderful connection. They also say they can’t believe how they went on to pour out their heart and soul, despite not intending too. I know it’s because they sense I’ll listen not just with understanding but also with compassion and importantly they know, feel and sense they can trust me.

I think it’s safe to say not only are Empaths the listeners of life they are also studiers, problem solvers and thinkers. The first time I was aware I was listening to somebody think I was in the company of my own father... I recall on many occasions I would sit in his presence and listen to him thinking. He was one of life’s thinkers just like I am now...

If you’re interested in looking at further information on all of the above I found this site a good one to check out: I used Elise’s site amongst others to do some research and found it to be a very good resource for helping one understand Empaths on a much deeper level. http://www.eliselebeau.com/empathResources.php

Till next time a million Hugs

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