Sunday, 31 January 2010

Dreams... Positive Thoughts & Answers

I know without reading or researching any further that for someone to become a writer... above all, they must have vision wrapped around imagination and be passionately obsessed with total commitment... I’ve no doubt I possess these qualities and hopefully much, much more.

I’ve also found over the past few months, whilst concentrating as much as possible on my writing, albeit in irregular limited amounts of time, due of course to my own full time working role... Never the less I’m happy to report, I have wonderfully discovered my sense of imagination has heightened not only am I able to visualise my characters and their plots but I’ve discovered these life like characters are coming to me in the night whilst I sleep.... Take last night for instance, Nadya my beautiful Russian peasant came to me in a dream... she talked to me about what I needed to do within the book I’m writing.

The story is about her own mother’s sad shortened life, her difficult birth as she arrives into the world ... it also shares both hers and her grandmothers dramatic life together as servants, struggling to survive. Nadya is fiercely protected by a grandmother who completely adores her.... it also tells of Nadya’s dreams, her loves... including the hateful evil jealousy she desperately tries to escape from. Ultimately Nadya's journey is one of difficulties, love and compassion... tinged unfortunately with betrayal but alas, the path she treads so gently is felt so very hard... has is the harsh punishing journey.

It felt pretty amazing to wake up this morning and feel as if I’d been visited by a friend. To be honest with you, her visit's really helped me out in terms of the way the story should unfold. Nadya was very specific in how the book should open, revealing to me some great new stuff. She advised me to insert something different into my already completed prologue. Nadya talked about the middle of the book but told me I had to work longer on the chapters putting more adventures into her life which should include creating another potential character.... Reflecting on this new information, has pushed me forwards in that I need to work more on Nadya's life within the book. She told me warmly the book if finished is going to be well received... I suppose the proof will be in the pudding, so I’m quite committed to concentrating a lot more on my book ‘Nadya’s Dreams’ ...

Angel will fly back soon ... Have a wonderful week! :) xxx

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