Friday, 29 January 2010


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Ideas are coming thick and fast but I don’t want to waffle so, I’ve decided to choose an appropriate theme Friendship to compliment last week’s Happiness thoughts......

First let me share something with you... A long, long time ago I was sat in the back of a car... I was feeling in total utter despair of being in the land of the living. I was darkly wondering what the hell was it all about... when the driver became stuck in traffic, which made me slowly look up... The sight that greeted my eyes made tears form and slide down my cheeks...

A young priest was waiting to cross the road but instead he was looking at me, our eyes locked and he smiled... it was the most beautiful smile I have ever seen in the whole of my life... In that very moment I felt as if he knew my thoughts, my life and my loneliness. I felt he cared, I also knew he was telling me, it’s all going to work out and you'll be ok.. I later recalled he had the chance to cross the road but he never took it instead he continued to smile that glorious smile. As we drove on I managed to smile out of courtesy but I knew there and then I would never ever forget his face.

My message is this... his smile came to me just in the nick of time, it also taught me a smile cost nothing to give...I bet on a daily basis you’ve smiled readily and countless times at other people... I think it helps to know sometimes that smile probably makes all the difference. I often wish I could meet the priest again to simply thank him.

Again I’m dedicating this week’s blog to a very special couple who mean the world to me they epitomise the meaning behind this weeks theme... I know along with my family members & friends they will always be there for me no matter what. The reassuring comfort that brings is indescribable.

My dedication this week is to all my lovely mates, not sure where I would be without you all.... but especially to J & F the song I hear which always reminds me of you is... Lionel Ritchie ‘Paradise’ listen to it together... It's one of my most favourite songs in the world...

I had a lovely start to the week with a very good friend giving me a surprise gift. I was delighted as she handed me a beautiful pack of cards ‘Angelic wishes’ Oracle cards by Daisy Foss (Author) and Laraine Krantz (Photographer)... available from & They also hold the Glastonbury Laughter Club every Monday evening 7pm until 9pm at the Daisy Centres Angelic Retreat, Glastonbury, Somerset. So if you’re fortunate enough to live in that wonderful vicinity please go along, you will be made very welcome... we all know a good laugh releases all those pent up ready to explode ‘feel good chemicals’ which flood our body when humour is expressed..... Wish I lived closer Daisy; I would be there with an army of beautiful people!

Eager to see the cards I impatiently opened the pack wanting quickly to see the quotes of inspiration and pictures of my favourite subjects. Quickly shuffling through the cards I became aware that I physically and mentally started to calm, allowing me to read the cards properly... I took in the joyful inspirational information. Initially I felt I’d probably opened the cards at the wrong moment as I was in work and reeling from thoughts of a busy week ahead and silently stressing about the amount of work on my agenda. After becoming aware of the calm that was surrounding me I welcomed it. I decided to take my time and do as the pack recommends... granting myself as many wishes as I wanted so I picked out three wishes.

The 1st wish of life for others... Feeling comfortable I read it several time over... “An open heart, spreading love and healing to all” I felt this was something I always tried to do.

The 2nd wish creation for the world... I really liked the thought behind this wish “Let peace and love prevail around the world”

The 3rd wish of love for myself... “I dance to my own tune, I make a positive influence in the world” I know without a shadow this is what my thoughts and blog are all about.... I continued for a few minutes with those positive thoughts and I backed this up by my own mantra which enabled me to concentrate.... I knew by taking those few minutes out of the day, it totally helped to ground me, making me feel less stressed and ready to go.

My thoughts on friendship have flowed fluently which in turn have helped me to focus on my theme, a theme that’s always been important. On a personal level I really don’t know where I would have been without family and friends and their unconditional love, enveloped by their wonderful friendship. I know I’m a very lucky lady! Some of you will know this has not always been the case but today I rejoice in all the affectionate warmth and endless love I blissfully find myself surrounded by... The important thing to remember here though is it’s very much a two Way Street... I always try to ensure I’m around for family and friends and to be honest even strangers.... I like people, I like differences tinged in uniqueness. If I can I like to help; I know from experience it definitely makes a difference... that difference means the whole world when it’s received.

I also like making new friends. Places like networking sites... i.e. face book, where you can safely virtually meet new and interesting people... People you wouldn’t normally come into contact with... It totally brightens my day.

There are lots of quotes and numerous movies based on friendship... My all time favourite Movie and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you watch it, that’s if you’ve not already... (Keep them hankies handy though) Is “Beaches” starring the one and only Bette Midler.

My top quote for friendship is “it’s not what you say or even what u do that people will remember, it’s how you make them feel”... I’m also aware, Mother Theresa is famous for her profound thoughts so when I read that she wisely quoted “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” I couldn’t help feeling I would dearly loved to have met this lady...

I have always thought the following quote too... “Do not save your loving speeches for your friends till they are dead, Do not write them on their tombstones, speak them rather now instead... Anna Cummins.

I have sometimes questioned if the people I meet wonder if I’m for real... as I truly believe in being myself... I don’t have problems being open, loving and genuine. I would rather be like that then how I use to be, once up on a long time ago.... If you’re in my life and you’re my friend I will always tell you how I feel including how I perceive you... l sometimes wonder if people may be thinking I’m over familiar, but I hold my hands up, I can’t help it... I feel it’s tremendously important to help a person feel welcome, at ease and comfortable.... I know also most people say they feel like they’ve known me for years... when that happen an orchestra sounds off in my heart, and once again I know I’ve happily made a person feel relaxed.

Sincerely I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this week’s article just as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it... Thank you so much for stopping by till next time, Warm smiles with Angel hugs. xxxx

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