Saturday, 2 January 2010

Coming of age.......................

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I live in a world; some call it a lost world because it exists as a world within a world.... Both worlds are similar with one exception... In my world when you’re born, a very special birth-box is made for you... in all completed boxes, special secrets are safely placed... these secrets are only relevant to you, your life and family history. When you reach your 25th birthday, the allocated box holder has an important job; he gives you the box and explains the seriousness of opening it.

On such a day I was given a beautifully ornate intricate looking box... The box appeared slightly smaller than a shoe box, safely hidden within its rich ornamental decorative trim was a tiny lock ... the person who gave me my box looked serious. He gently explained he alone held the key but before he could pass it over, he needed to strongly advise me of the seriousness of opening it, although he stipulated the decision could only be mine ...I was further advised any good or bad consequences would also belong to me, I would be answerable whatever the outcome.

Politely I Thanked the box holder. Immediately, I asked what was in the box... shrugging he explained in a matter of fact way... secrets of individual boxes were mostly unknown, but in his own limited experience, he’d heard good and bad stories. Holding my birth box I felt good vibrations. I'd heard so many stories about these boxes. I knew certain secrets contained, could or would give the box bearer good or again bad experiences.

Staring off into space so very deep in my own thoughts, I gave the box holder my decision. I firmly decided to keep my box, I knew I was going to open it... but not right now, I needed more time...

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