Friday, 15 January 2010


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My dream’s always been to make a difference, as I've got older it’s just got sharper...
I’m thankful my thoughts have been many this week... Hence the reason it’s been a little difficult to pin point anything in particular to share. Today during my reflecting-time it became one of my numerous light bulb moments...

I decided I wanted the theme to be based on ‘happiness’ but... I also wanted to put a new twist to my regular ‘thoughts of the week’ Soooooo..... I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s blog to a certain couple... they know who they are.

I smiled at the thought of dedicating the week’s blog to certain individuals, for me it’s going to make it a bit more special than is normal. However, I must stipulate it doesn’t mean that issues discussed within the blog are in any way, shape or form directed towards any specific individual... it just means I’m acknowledging a deep respect in addition to affectionately thinking of them as I produce my latest article. Also along with this dedication is a request for them to know I’m also happily dedicating to them a beautiful but soppy song... Please click on my ‘UTUBE’ (left hand side) where you can type in artists name and title of song. Turn up the volume my friends as I know only too well this will enable you to further feel the whole atmospheric ambience that I so love to create. With that last thought in mind, the couple I dedicate this week’s thoughts to are L & J and their beautiful family J.C.M...

L & J, the song that reminds me of you both is sung by ‘Michael Buble’ it’s called “LOST” I know that J is not overly romantic but as if by instinct I also know that doesn’t mean it’s not nestling there within his very soul... I just think sometimes a person may get a little nervous about displaying certain signs of affection and some of us cringe at the thought of rejection..... Anyway this song is the song I imagine J... dedicating to L... Listen to it together, that’s the key! I also know life is pretty hectic for you right now, but calm deep breaths and don’t forget take time out, drop everything even if it’s for a walk, a meal etc it makes all the difference... believe me!

I chose the theme happiness because so many times I’ve felt we occasionally manage to take that subject along with life very much for granted... It never fails to blow me away the amount of people I meet on a daily basis, who would seriously give everything they own just to glimpse happiness and be allowed to hold it for a few seconds... I also know through my own sensitivity and my experiences of many different levels of life I have personally led... not forgetting my present working role, all constanly remind me of how I'm so unequivocally blessed. Again my friends in life I’ve been at both ends of the spectrum.

I know it may be hard to believe but once up on a time, I was so undeniably sad... I would often twist my hands, wringing them tightly as I wished with all my heart not to be here treading along life’s highway... I desperately wanted to close my tired eyes, see through the black stillness I observed every night during restless sleep. I didn’t want to continue feeling enveloped by wretched misery that I exhaustedly carried around on my back holding it up with my shoulders... I’m very happy to report that was a long time ago... As a consequence I’ve always enthused, you have to live in another person’s shoes to get a true sense of how that particular individual is really feeling... but come on we all know we don’t really want to do that, as for one reason or another some people’s lives are not particularly happy.

My message here today is this... I know without doubt for me happiness is a choice; it’s something we can make for ourselves and others... Have you ever noticed for instance, the smallest things in life including something as simple as a smile, or a warm compliment can and will bring the biggest smile to the saddest face... that’s because in complimenting a person it gives them a pull, they flutter inside and their circulation moves faster, increasing those feel good chemicals... but best of all is this, you’ve personally made that person feel valuable and I sincerely hope we all know how that feels... Spreading happiness by making good choices, especially those that have an impact on people and how their feeling doesn’t have to cost a lot... shopping for someone who’s poorly... supporting someone who’s going through a tough time... listening to someone, being there for family and friends, just using your observational skills by being observant of the people around you... As we all know, there are some really proud people on this planet who feel they’ve failed if they ask for help... So keep eyes and ears open, be sensitive. Remember in helping someone else including yourself, it helps to make a difference... If we all did that, what a continually beautiful world we would all live in.

We’re all realistic; we know we cannot do everything, but one thing’s for sure..... We can certainly do something.

I’m finishing off this week with a couple of inspirational quotes that I particularly like... Hope you do too... they are simple but effective...

“The only gift is a portion of thyself” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson.

“Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve.... You don't have to know the second theory of thermodynamics in physics to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

My wings are asleep my friend... until next time :) x

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