Monday, 7 September 2009

The Dark One......

My friend and I were having a great time celebrating my 19th Birthday at our local ...... Then we met some strange new people..

One of the strangers we met that night appeared rather weird. He was over familiar, over friendly and he dressed darkly. He possessed smouldering eyes which were hypnotic, at certain times I observed them to shine a shimmering red... As soon as I could, I told my friend but she just roared laughing, telling me I had definitely had too much to drink. I knew that was to the contrary.

I decided it would be better to keep a clear head. I watched, carefully observing the goings on unfold before me.... The music blaring, the drink flowed freely. The new people pretended to drink and cause merriment. But I saw a different look in their eyes. A look that said danger followed by hunger... My Insides shivered in fear, I was certain these new people were going to hurt us.... My friend by this time was totally intoxicated.

Feeling scared, not really sure why or even if we would escape tonight..... it was clear to me that we had been targeted.... At some point they realised I was not drinking as fast as my friend...

“Mary, why do you not drink like your funny friend?” His gaze was piercing.

Trying hard not to look into his eyes “I don’t like to drink too much”

“Why?” Still maintaining no eye contact

“Because I worry about who I might bump into on the way home” The dark one smiled as if seeing me for the first time....

“You are a sensible young lady” the dark one informed.

“I know” I replied “My worry though is I feel, as if by instinct that you are not who you pretend to be”

The dark one now joined by his friends sits closer to me around the table, all of them focused on me.

“I think I have done you an injustice” he smirked

“That’s Ok” I smiled “I’m glad we’ve sorted it out”

“You do understand what I am saying then Mary?” he moved directly into my view

“Of course I do, I understand completely” I glared towards him and his followers. They all moved slightly in their chairs, their noses pointed, sniffed the air like animals.

My friend now completely draped on one of them, fell across the table giggling in drink.

“Then you wont mind if we take your friend home” said the dark one menacingly. I felt the status change.... the atmosphere grew fraught and I knew I would have to be very careful.

“Actually, I mind very much” All eyes snapped on me, inching in closer.

“Mary pardon me for saying this; my feelings are telling me that you’re not in any position to argue here”
I squirmed, uncomfortable in my seat.

“Actually” I said a little to indignantly “I think you will find I’m very brave and for me this is not the first time I have come across a family, willing to try its chances at taking away a member of my own” I stared hard at the Dark one... puffing up my chest arrogantly I continued, "But it wont happen, I hope you’ll understand why" I gave full eye contact and then for braver effect I lifted my brow.

When he spoke it was in a low creepy whisper “I hear your thoughts Mary, I will tell you this... never before from someone so young have I ever been given such a direct challenge, with this in mind I would like to take this further”

Alarm bells were ringing... I knew I was in trouble... I frantically searched all of their faces for softness, a person willing to help... instead they all gazed back like hungry zombies. I had nothing to bargain with. What could I do? I decided to do what was right. Face the consequences.

“Ok, but before we complete the challenge, I have one minor request”

“What could that be brave girl?” The dark one looked amused.

I want you to allow my friend to go home immediately... by taxi”
The whole table shook with low level laughter, indicating I had shared a joke with them... the dark one, his eyes twinkled... agreed. I called over to the barman.

“Joe, could you ring me a taxi please” I knew it wouldn’t be long before the taxi got here.

The dark one looked at me further; he asked where a little girl like me got such courage from.

Smiling, I reminded him gently I was not brave... I was just doing the right thing.

He looked towards his family. He appeared to study them for a few moments, he commanded in his low creepy whisper that they show me respect... they scowled. I witnessed faces deeply etched in disappointment. He further demanded of them, that I also be shown how a family of his, respected a person who did the right thing... It was at that point I decided he was being flippant. Turning away from him I sighed.

Joe shouted from the bar. “Taxi’s here Mary” I asked the dark one, if I could take my friend to the taxi, promising to return immediately.

“Of course Mary, I trust you completely”

Lifting my friend up I told her I was putting her into the taxi and sending her home, she laughed, telling me she loved me... as always this made me smile, it was something she always said with drink inside her... In the taxi she fell backwards across its seat; I mumbled her address to the driver. An overwhelming feeling of complete and utter sadness gripped me, I knew tomorrow when she woke up she would never know what I had done... she, along with countless others would also realise I had disappeared, never to be seen again.....

Putting her safely in the taxi, I felt the icy chill from a presence up close behind me; closing my eyes I hoped with all my heart, they wouldn’t harm my friend. Stepping back I slammed the door, shouting take her home.

Turning around I saw the two followers of the dark one. They slowly stepped aside allowing me to walk through the pub door. Pushing both doors open I distinctly heard a low level growl, I knew it came from behind.

Walking back towards the fully occupied table, the dark one moved over patting a seat right next to him. I asked if I could have another drink. This time I would drink it deeply... I felt as if this would be a final drink, worse still... I was actually living out my final hour.

Reading my thoughts the dark one smiled, he put his hand on mine and that was when I received confirmation of my previous thoughts. I felt his icy coldness penetrate my skin; I knew that kind of cold could only accompany the dead. I looked at his hand lying across mine, I saw his purple nails. I watched his blue veins pulsate.

The family surrounded me, moving in closer and closer... I felt sure sometime in a nightmare I had been warned about the possibility of this happening... I also knew I was going to die.

Within seconds a drink was slammed down hard on the table, this action was quickly reprimanded by the dark one. Joe shouted over, asking if I was alright. I quickly answered a concerned Joe because.... I just knew these people were extremely dangerous.... My intention was to get them as far away as possible from my family and friends. That was not going to be easy. I sipped at my drink, the dark ones icy grip tightened across my hand.

“I think brave girl, its time we left” he mused.
“Where are we going?” I tried to keep my voice calm and my face poker straight.
“I think we will go back to my place” he teased. This caused a weak stir of laughter amongst the followers.
“Where are you staying?” I asked.
“In a lovely hotel by the beach, do you know it?” I knew he was lying.

“Ok” I blurted “let’s talk about what you really want” Again I caused a bristling sensation of awareness; it circled the table completely grabbing everyone’s attention.
“Aha, I like a girl with spirit one who gets right down to it” His laugh rippled, again touching each one of his followers.

I realised apart from us the pub was empty. I caught Joe’s eye and smiled hopefully indicating all was well.... I didn’t want Joe hurt.

Approaching the table to collect the empties... Joe leaned over towards me whilst he cleared the glasses away; he politely asked if I wanted a taxi... I said I would grab one on the way with my friends. I watched Joe’s demeanour change.... but unfortunately for him so did the followers, they all appeared to have received some sort of unspoken order....

The dark one grabbed me quickly, pulling me away from the table. I watched as all the glasses fell in strange ultra slow motion, crashing then smashing against the wooden floor... I saw two followers lift Joe off his feet, holding him in the air... his poor startled face glowed in the pubs after hours subdued light... another follower stood in front of Joe and with one quick flick of its wrist Joe’s neck was open, it took Joe a second to realise what had happened but by then it was too late... all the followers were on him, I closed my eyes.

I felt stillness, opening my eyes the dark one was staring at me. Joes pub now empty... for a moment I wondered whether I had woken from a bad dream. Then the dark one spoke.

“I am so very sorry you witnessed that”
I began to cry... The dark one pulled me in closer, towards his icy body.

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