Monday, 21 September 2009

Secrets of the Watcher.....

The watcher knew what was needed of her but she had to be extremely careful... Her identity had to be protected at all cost... Her job here on earth was the most important job in the galaxy......

Engulfed in soft black leather I tried very hard to relax, needing to reflect. I had to understand all the reasons why... Resting chin on chest, tired eyes closed.

I have always found it very easy to predict what’s going to happen, this includes me having a very special instinct around people, sensing their characters, their weaknesses their strengths. I possess radar but this is just for confirmation. With my naked eye, keen senses; some call it intuition... 6th sense... I have always been able to get a good accurate reading. I usually know what’s about to happen and I very often see the bigger picture, sadly though not always for the good.

During reflection time, I realised with irritability this silence was really starting to deafen me. Within an instant, the hair on my arms started to stiffen and rise. I sensed an unholy terror.... the entity, it was back... in my apartment.
For the 2nd time that day my instincts were screaming at me to escape... run... then ‘boom-boom-boom-’ on hearing the blaring music, I threw back my head like a wild wolf looking towards the moon, I screamed at the ceiling “WHY” ?.. “Why is this all I hear every single wretched day” uneasily but nevertheless hastily, I moved around the apartment like a scurrying rat knowing desperately..... I had to leave. I threw on a plastic-rain coat; headed for the door, still the boom-boom-boom’s crescendo crashed through the old building, almost as if it needed to shake the very plaster off the walls.

Running as fast as I could down the old faded Victorian staircase, I needed to take them two at a time... eventually falling out into the street. In that moment I felt icy cold rain; its sharp tiny needles shooting towards me, pricking my face. The sensation was cooling, then soothing.

I stopped dead in my tracks. This action was completely necessary if I were to avoid any individuals on the busy street staring, oh and please listen... they would stare... they knew me, I had my very reputation to protect.

My brisk walk turned into a slow run, leading me towards the park. The rain slowly dying but my thoughts felt muddled. I desperately needed some clarity, if only to remind me of the reason for all of this. Reaching the park and trying to recollect my thoughts it was then I heard a disturbingly creepy, whisper.... my skin crawled.... ignore it.... walk faster.... No, you won’t escape. Seeing my bench I stopped, I couldn’t run anymore... I had to face this... Face what? Look it straight in the eye, look what straight in the eye? See what needed to be done.
Out of breath I sat down, my breathing came hard. The whisper became louder.... slurred words washed over me... “Take me to her” there was a gross hoarseness in this dark voice. It needed an answer. My weak frightened noise for a voice, answered “take you where”? I was cringing as I carefully listened. A pause...

Physically I began to shake when I heard a thunderous sickening laugh, its high pitched screech blasted towards me making my stomach turn “you take me to her or I will make sure you never, ever sleep for the rest of your miserable contemptible life”.
I fearfully contemplated its statement; I knew it spoke the truth; this demon had been invading my sleep. I knew without a shadow of doubt what it was up to, what was wanted. Owning that knowledge also made me its target.

I sat wondering how to play this, for play it I would have to, or else... the shocking, sickening consequences would not bear thinking about. Memory spinning backwards... What was it, the higher power said from above...”? “At all costs the humans must be protected”

“Are you listening?” it growled into my thoughts... I knew without hesitation that this entity was now on the bench... I could smell it sitting very close to me... Still shaking I whispered “I’m listening” another pause... feeling braver now... half heartedly I raised my voice,
“I’m wondering what there is to be gained by this meeting”
before I knew what had hit me, I was thrown high up into the air; falling hard on my shoulder I felt the crack of my head as it split wide open.

Lying in a crumpled heap on the wet ground, hands clutching my head, which was now pouring heavily with my life’s own crimson force. Silent tears, hot searing pain. Not daring to move or even breathe, I heard it... hissing like a snake... Its stinking spittle hitting my face, it growled,
I want her, she is mine...”
with a liquid whoosh of air I knew it was gone. Gratefully closing pain filled eyes... slowly very slowly... light fading... feeling secure, safe and snug... I eventually became enveloped, in a warm welcome blackness.

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