Saturday, 19 September 2009

Polly Tucker.....

Polly Tucker's dying mother had waited until the very last minute to share with her special daughter some secrets... Secrets that would eventually spiral Little Pollys life into a magical, mystical, spiritual, tour of fear... surprise.... and bombshell revelations .....

Throwing long slim legs over the side of the rickety wrought iron bed, I tiredly smoothed back long black hair with the intention of looking to see where my old mules were hiding.

Today was my day off... It was wonderful to see the bright morning sunlight glistening over the pokey room I called home... even nicer, was being able to watch the sunlight reach effortlessly into the dark, dusty corners, giving the room a golden glow. This room was special it held my life with all of its meagre possessions.
Let me introduce myself, my name is Polly Tucker, my hours are long. I am a nurse as well as a housemaid living in service to a Doctor Millbourne and his family.

I live in the bowels of a huge Victorian property. I have lived here since the Doctor and his wife rescued me some years ago from a London home for young women. I had been brought up in the care system which was run by the waifs and strays charity. I was trained to where I was eventually presented for an apprenticeship and introduced to the Milbourne’s.

Grabbing my mules I fell backwards heavily against the bed, I heard the squeaky metal sound ricochet across the tiny room. I felt different today. My life flashed before me, It felt as if I were about to have a life changing moment. My thoughts were... I was probably about to make some life changing decisions in view of the past and its messages.

Maybe I should start at the beginning just so you understand me and where I came from... My past, my present and my future will be revealed as well as the messages...

When I was 5years old my mother whispered to me... out of earshot from my father that I was a special child and something significant was about to happen... she also told me, what ever happens she loved me and it was extremely important for me to know, my father was not my father. My mother was not a healthy person and for as long as I could remember, she had always suffered ill health.

“My wonderful little girl” she crowed “I am so sorry I have bad news for you, I have to tell you that I am going to heaven and I won’t be back.” Mothers face was quite white, bulbous beads of shiny perspiration stood out from her forehead. The beads slowly trickled down towards her temples, it reminded me of tap water after being sprayed against our white pot sink.

I remember asking my mother if I could go with her, she recoiled in horror explaining, the world still needed me, I had much work to do. Sitting there confused I felt the moment was too special to move, so... I sat glancing from my mother to father who was totally inebriated, he was unaware the conversation was taking place. My mother took a gulp of air and further said I was not to worry, my brothers and sisters would find good homes, people would take care of us because she had made sure we would come to no harm.

Another gulp of air and mother continued, "remember sweet girl, you are special, your sensitivity will be needed because one day you will hear strange thoughts and voices through the shadows... you will also feel great fear... Remember, ignore your fears, because your gift is great. Along with your gift you will discover great things and those things are for you to share or to hold close... the decisions will ultimately be yours."

Mother was tired. I reached over to stroke her. I watched as big blue eyes clouded over, I felt as if something incredible were happening... she moved slowly, her hand reached out gently to touch my cheek. I felt the cool stroke of thin fingers as she gulped air for one last time ...

As she closed her eyes she whispered "I love you" .... I knew they would never open again. I carried on sitting there despite only being 5 years old, I knew my mother had gone to heaven.

I felt cold, empty and alone... Weeping, I closed my eyes, I didn't want the drunken man in the corner asking me any questions...........

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