Thursday, 4 March 2010

‘Make it Memorable'

This week I’m supposed to be concentrating on getting my act together...

My third attempt at trying to be methodical. Writing important lists and adhering to them, calculating my time... checking my space and chilling while I accomplish great feats. Then what happened? Well... I promise I was very good at first, concentrating on my research..... ticking important tasks off one by one, when I opened an email. It was from one of my favourite websites ‘Glimmer train’ It was so interesting to hear and see the latest news and views with articles that always manage to intrigue me when I clicked on a name ‘Lee Martin’ Deepening Character. Initially I smiled because in my haste I thought it read Lee Marvin.... Lee Martin is professor of English & Director of creative writing at Ohio University. Mr Martin is also an author and was a finalist in the 2006 Pulitzer Prize in fiction.

What an interesting piece. I believe I've read it just at the right time. Being sidetracked from my own research I discovered in his article a profound sentence which made so much sense to me... but until I’d read it, I realised I'd not given much thought to his advice... Many years ago he was advised to remember to make his writing memorable. Getting to grips with his article, I realised in a light bulb moment just like him I always want to rush things (In the literary sense) I go full steam ahead, hurrying. I’m always eager to make things happen the quicker the better. I realised I too was always on the lookout for an odd/strange/weird plot giving little thought to my characters motivation. In his article Lee emphasises, write something that won’t get out of your readers head....something memorable!

I don’t suppose Lee Martin will ever read this commentary, but happily it reiterates to me what I learn on a daily basis and that is... I will never tire of realising that I’ll never know who’ll read my work and I suppose for the most part I’ll never know it's affect, if any!

Today I’ve miraculously found that lost enthusiasm which has definitely brought back my motivation. Maybe just maybe that best seller is on the tip of my tongue; all I need to do now is concentrate more on my characters, allowing them to flourish, thrive and prosper or maybe not....depending of course on the conspiracy as well as on the plots...

So much to much to see... so much to share and so much to accomplish! Yeahhhhhhhh I really do need silence if I'm to save this world..... :) xxx

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