Friday, 12 March 2010

Best Friends Forever'n'Always....

Two little girls come together in rather tragic circumstances. A bond is formed, a connection made... Not only does it fuse their innocent hearts together but it firmly glues their spiritual umbilical cord which in turn cements them both together for their life's long journey. For them the magic will last a life-time. But come closer my friend... pull your chair forwards... feeling comfortable? Then let me begin at the very beginning of a disturbing but compelling adventure...

"Best friends are the siblings God forgot to give us."~ unknown

Whilst crunching crisps and talking out loud I looked over affectionately at my beautiful friend Lane, both of us were reminiscing about what was and strangely enough what might have been.

“Personally Lane, I wanted my mother to be perfect, well for heavens sake; mothers should be perfect shouldn't they?” I smiled, winking impishly towards my friend...I automatically knew Lane would agree because the two of us had been brought up in the care system, both of us had experienced the excruciating pain of being raised without mother’s and today we were talking deeply about parents and their absolute importance.

Gulping her favourite wine, she sadly replied in a far away tone “I would loved to have been blessed with a mother who’d taken good care of me”

Looking at my friend, I sensed before I saw that her profound statement had produced big bulbous tears that were now threatening to brim over mascara laced lashes, which darkly framed lovely blue eyes.

I know Lane, it hurts doesn’t it?” Lane squeezed her eyes shut tight, causing a cascade of tears to waterfall.

The memory mist frostily penetrated my mind... I met Lane when I was 6yrs old. On that particular day, I found myself sat on a giant overstuffed arm chair in the big light airy lounge, feeling completely and utterly bored. I’d lived in the care- home from the age of 3yrs... So hearing distressed cries was not unusual but these screams were terrible, I almost felt my own heart stop. Instantly I ran to further investigate. I recall watching a pair of social workers bring in a little girl whose arms and legs were flailing all over the place. Her dark red curly locks bounced around as she wildly pushed and pulled at them. She appeared so lost in her own total abandonment, I knew she felt completely tormented by her overwhelming emotions.

Being all grown up for my 6years, didn’t stop me from feeling overwrought with my own emotion. Big glistening tears surfaced to be roughly wiped away... I was a big girl, I didn't cry! Silently, I edged towards the wild red child whose beautiful blue eyes locked on to me as she hushed to a low grisly whimper, she never took her eyes off me... not for one minute. Momentarily smiling, I held out my tiny hand which surprisingly if somewhat greedily she clasped. Looking up I observed two red faced social workers as they breathed a sigh of relief, intuitively both knew they’d witnessed a bonding... born that very day.

The bonding enveloped 2 small girls who instinctively sensed each others inner sanctity and both knew with desperation that their purity needed protectively embracing; they understandably feared they might lose themselves completely within the wheels of life but looking at each other they knew... they sensed, a connection, an affinity that would never be broken. It was then I remember that Lane stopped crying but she still insisted holding on tight.

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