Friday, 11 December 2009


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In the darkness of the night... I was eerily visited by a demon. It seeped inwards invading my internal space, guiding itself happily and eagerly throughout every nook and cranny of my being.

Its heat seeking speciality pushed itself further and deeper throughout the warm healthy interior part of my arteries & veins. In my sleep I moved and coughed, squirming uncomfortable with its nasty presence but still I didn’t actually wake until it reached my lungs which frighteningly almost burst as it savagely penetrated the rich bright red stuff that immediately started pooling in the lower extremities as a result of the gravity caused by the demons hunger.

On waking I sleepily clutched my chest... it slowly but terrifyingly dawned on me I was not alone.... I knew my circulatory system was being compromised, the persistent coughing spasm was absorbing my strength, causing a dreadful weakness within my life’s own support system. We all know the circulatory system is important for sustaining life; its proper function very much responsible for delivering oxygen, nutrients etc. It’s fundamentally crucial for the whole of our being, producing the life enriching mucus which zaps deep within designated cells. It also removes carbon dioxide and waste products, so is essentially important to the immune system ... I was hysterically clear my complete system at that moment was at dire risk from the demon within.

The precise location on a body map of its veins, organs and ultimately life support system is variable for each individual... but unfortunately arteries are precisely mapped and accessible for any invasive intruder. Clutching my chest, I grabbed hold of the bedside cabinet whilst I continued to feel the demon with his heat seeking activity further investigating my body..... Lumps and bumps with horrendous ferocious activity, visually displayed itself before me. It was one’s own worst nightmare.

The mirrors placed ornamentally at either end of the bed, allowed me to see physical images inside them... blood oozed and sprayed cascading from my nose and eyes... my ears clearly heard the rhythmic bang of my heart beat... I knew the special vessels carrying blood up to my heart were under immense pressure, most of it was now pulsating in spurts through my nose. I felt dizzy and light headed... Despite this massive blood loss, I detected a foul stench which continued further to make me gag.

My tears flowed freely, I realised I was going to die... I had so much to do, this was not possible... I needed to see my family; I wanted to talk to my friends. What had I done that’s been so awful to warrant such an untimely end? Didn’t they know I had unfinished business... I wanted extra time, I would demand that time, How could they do this to me.... this was not right.... Lying back down, I gently folded my hands in prayer; inwardly silent words were played loudly on my internal loudspeaker... I shouted out angrily towards my maker... You can imagine how I felt at the response I received, it was not what I had anticipated.... Being kindly shaken into wakefulness; I looked around my surroundings in a daze... happily surprised, I saw the pristine insides of a hospital room...

“You’ve had a nasty virus my dear” the shaker reported “but you’re ok now.”

Tearful yet smiling, I felt of an overwhelming sensation of joy... Contentedly I pushed myself further into the plump white starched pillow and relaxed. Closing bloodshot but grateful eyes; all I could manage was...

“Thank you. "

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