Monday, 21 December 2009

Bella's Vision's....

fifth dimension
When Bella goes to bed at night, she always manages to see and hear sights and sounds that no human being should witness. Bella is also guilty of speaking to people in those far away distant lands... Deathdom & Spiritsville. This occasionally disturbs her to the point where she crys..... If Bella were honest, she would tell you she cries often...

Let me introduce myself, my name is Jaline, I am Bella’s guardian angel, I act as her teacher and guide. My place in this particular tale is by Bella’s side. I have been there since the day she emerged into this particular life.... I hand over the story to Bella; she will tell you what there is to share.

Present Day:
I opened sleepy eyes wide as if I were startled, years of broken sleep and a nagging feeling of being fearful would do that to you. A final stretch catapulted me into the present, encouraging me to get on with my day. I looked around my room surprised not to see Jaline, who was fast becoming my constant companion.

Now let me explain.... I am Bella. I’m 32, a well known psychic medium. I’ve been this way since my grandmother died. I was approximately 4yrs old... she was my shining light, I adored her... her passing devastated me, to the point where I stopped eating. I constantly demanded my grandmother be returned to me... I would try to get out of the house at every opportunity; just so I could look for her... My parents often told me, it was such a terrible time for everyone. Grandma was the light in everyone’s life but to have such a distraught little girl, insistent on such a fragile issue was also very hard to deal with. In the end I had to be hospitalized, I would not eat, ending up losing so much weight as well as becoming dehydrated.

My memory is vivid, I recall with clarity the exact moment I witnessed my first vision.... It was my first night in hospital... The nurse had left me after rearranging the drip; I was tired, weak and tearful... At first I wasn’t sure if the shadow in the corner was real but I kept staring at it because it looked like a misty person. The misty person started moving towards me, I felt so scared. I nervously called out hello to it... I was so terribly frightened, I didn’t want it to reach my bed, but it did and when that happened it was as if a light had been switched on in the room, everything illuminated brightly. The lady who stood at the side of me was my beloved grandmother... I cried and laughed attempting to get up, but she gently pushed me back onto my pillow. I saw tears in her eyes and I asked her where she had been.

“Shhhhh my beautiful girl”

Her cool hand stroked my face.

“Everything’s going to be alright... but.... you must eat, you must get well because your mummy and daddy need you to be strong.” Big fat teardrops floated down my grandmother’s face.

“I miss you granny” I cried loudly...

“I know you do my darling, granny misses you too, but this is how it has to be”

I felt my grandmother kiss my forehead.

“Now little lady, you have to promise me you will get well and be a good strong girl... granny promises you this, when you get older you will have the perfect gift... you will be popular... at times you may even feel your gift is a curse, it is not... you will bring much joy, much peace and lots of happiness to those around you.” I noticed the light fading.

“Granny what’s a curse?” I remember asking ... her reply was this...

“A curse my darling girl is when a person wishes with all their heart, they did not possess something in their life... but it will be ok”

“I love you so much granny”

“Remember always special girl, I love you too.” Grandmother was becoming misty,

“Please don’t go” I whimpered.

“I have to sweet pea... I have too”

As she drifted away I managed to touch her hand, our fingers seemed to stick for the longest time. I was completely lost in her beautiful smile and I remember promising myself, this moment I would remember forever.

When the nurse came in she touched my hand which apparently was up in the air. She placed it snugly underneath my sheet, checked my saline solution then left puzzled at the smile on my face.

I looked over to the corner and again the misty shadow was there...

“You’re back” I squealed “You’ve come back.”

I excitedly pushed myself up.... accidently dislodging the long needle from the back of my hand.... Blood spurted everywhere as the mist moved slowly forwards... it was then I met ‘Jaline’ whom I later discovered to be my guardian angel.... I became faint as the door opened and my nurse ran in.....


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